Why You Should Add Bamboo Baby Clothes to Your Baby Registry


Not only are bamboo cotton baby clothes some of the coziest and most breathable options on the market, but they’re also eco-friendly. While you might not picture a sustainable fabric being the most comfortable choice, bamboo cotton might surprise you.

What is Bamboo Cotton Fabric?

Made primarily in Asia, bamboo cotton uses the fibers from a bamboo plant. The bamboo cellulose (the soft interior layer of the plant’s stalk) is extracted and soaked in natural enzymes to create a pulp that’s later spun into fabric fibers.

Are There Benefits to Dressing Your Little One in Bamboo Cotton Baby Clothes?

- Bamboo Fabrics are Among the Softest Materials Available. - Bamboo Baby Clothes are Extremely Breathable. - They Reduce Problems with Allergies and Skin Sensitivities. - Bamboo Textiles are Naturally UV-Resistant

What are the Cons of Bamboo Baby Clothes?

- Wrinkling, shrinking, and pilling are common. - They’re not eco-friendly if the manufacturer uses chemical processes to make the fibers. - Bamboo materials aren’t usually very warm. - There is a risk that farming bamboo in certain areas could put pandas at risk.

Do Organic Bamboo Baby Clothes Need to Be Cleaned a Certain Way?

Try to line dry or hang dry your bamboo clothes when possible. If you have to put them in the dryer, make sure to use the lowest heat setting possible. Don’t leave them in too long, either!

Kyte Baby Bodysuit

If you’re in the market for beautiful bamboo cotton baby clothes, Kyte Baby is the cream of the crop. They offer an incredible selection of items, including this adorable bodysuit.

 Milk Barn Potted Plants Bamboo One Piece

Milk Barn is known for its stunning organic cotton and bamboo baby clothes collection.

 Posh Peanut Knotted Gown

Made from cozy bamboo viscose fabric, the knotted gowns from Posh Peanut are a favorite among new parents.

 Kyte Baby Zippered Footie Bamboo Pajamas

Available in a gorgeous range of colors and unisex styles, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your babe. What’s even better is that you can receive these high-quality PJs for prices that won’t break the bank!

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