Postpartum Pajamas

When we look a postpartum pajamas, we always consider breastfeeding access. But there’s so much more to it. We’re focused on overall comfort.

This includes fit that doesn’t hurt your c-section scar or rub against your vaginal stitches, and has the elasticity to work with an ever-changing body type.

Tips for Choosing the Best Postpartum Pajamas

When purchasing postpartum pajamas, consider important elements, such as:

Material (comfort, breathability) Style (fits your preferences and needs) Sizing (how postpartum sizes compare to traditional sizes) Cost (maximum comfort without breaking the bank)

Postpartum Pajama Materials

This is a place where material matters. Whether you birth vaginally or via c-section, your pajamas will rub in uncomfortable places, so you want material that is extremely soft.


It’s incredibly soft, and it helps wick away moisture, keeping you cool overnight even as your hormone fluctuations make you warm. Not to mention the fabric is hypoallergenic, and it’s so soft it can be almost silky. Cons: Can be pricey, but there are still great options.

Organic cotton

It’s soft, breathable, and I don’t want a bunch of chemicals entering my wounds or my breastmilk stream. Cons: It shrinks in the dryer, and organic, tends to be more expensive.


Lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabric that doesn’t shrink in washer, and environmentally friendly in production.  Cons: Usually needs to be washed in cold water, and you’ll get a lot of fluids on postpartum pajamas that you might want hot water for.

Best Postpartum Pajamas

We’re breaking down our favorites for you, and giving them in categories to make it easier to find exactly what you need.

Nightgowns Pajama sets Matching mom-and-baby sets Hospital gowns Non-Postpartum Pajamas Robes Bras Underwear

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