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The Softest Postpartum Pajamas for New Mamas


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After having a baby, it’s important to have soft, comfortable, flexible postpartum pajamas for your constantly-changing body. Many articles about postpartum pajamas focus on nursing pajamas, but the reality is that ALL mamas deserve the best pajamas after having a baby.

Yes, breastfeeding access is a really helpful factor. But you know what also matters? Comfort. A fit that doesn’t hurt your c-section scar, doesn’t rub against your vaginal stitches, and has the elasticity to work with an ever-changing body type.

It takes 6-8 weeks for your uterus to return to its normal size after giving birth, and even then, you’ll likely carry excess baby weight. The best postpartum pajamas are designed to work with your postpartum body.

Tips for Choosing the Best Postpartum Pajamas

When purchasing postpartum pajamas, consider important elements, such as:

  • Material
  • Style
  • Sizing
  • Cost

Pajama Material

This is a place where material matters. Whether you birth vaginally or via c-section, your pajamas will rub in uncomfortable places, so you want material that is extremely soft.

A newborn constantly attached to your body also transfers lots of body heat, so breathability is key!

My favorite materials for postpartum pajamas are the following:

  • Organic cotton: It’s soft, breathable, and I don’t want a bunch of chemicals entering my wounds or my breastmilk stream. Cons: It shrinks in the dryer, and organic, tends to be more expensive. 
  • Modal: Lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabric that doesn’t shrink in washer, and environmentally friendly in production. Cons: Usually needs to be washed in cold water, and you’ll get a lot of fluids on postpartum pajamas that you might want hot water for. 
  • Viscose: It’s known for its silk-like feel, breathablity, and is reasonably priced. Cons: It stains easily, so beware spit up and leaky boobs (or just choose not to care, because you just had a baby, and who cares if your pajamas have stains on them?)

Pajama Style

The style of postpartum pajama you want depends on your needs (e.g. Are you breastfeeding? Did you have a c-section?), preferences, and where you are in the postpartum journey.

For the hospital, I recommend nightgowns. You’ll have nurses coming in and checking your mesh underwear (if you birthed vaginally), and they are much easier to access via nightgown. Nightgowns are also great if you had a c-section because they don’t rub against your scar.

When you return home, nightgowns or pajama sets work. I liked long pants once I got home, mostly because they were more comfortable holding the weight of the vaginal ice packs I continued wearing. But most c-section mamas I know stick to nightgowns.

If you’re nursing, you might want special nursing pajamas or button-up pajama tops. Both will make it easier to access your breasts when baby calls.


Choosing a size for postpartum pajamas is a little complicated.

Just like maternity pajamas, clothes made specifically for the postpartum period (like nursing pajamas) usually take your changing body into account. So, you can usually wear the same size you would’ve worn pre-pregnancy.

If you’re buying regular pajamas to wear in the months after birth, then size up. And there are some AMAZING brands that you’ll love postpartum, even though they aren’t postpartum pajamas specifically.


Pricing is obviously a very personal choice, but here’s my suggestion:

Pick 2 pairs of your dream postpartum pajamas and put them on your baby registry! Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will choose to pamper you!

If you’re going to be the one spending a lot of money on postpartum pajamas, then spend that money on some of the best maternity pajamas that you can also wear after giving birth.

You’ll get more bang for your buck because you can wear them for much longer.

Can I Just Buy Normal Pajamas in a Bigger Size?

You bet! The only trick here is figuring out sizing, which is honestly a tough call.

We all lose pregnancy weight in different paces, and fitting into your previous pajama size could take a while. There’s definitely an in-between stage, and some women never return to their pre-baby size at all.

For those reasons, my best suggestion is to buy 1-2 pairs of pajamas that will fit between your pre-pregnancy size and your maternity size. Stretchy materials make all the difference!

Best Postpartum Pajamas

So you want the most comfortable pajamas to adjust to your postpartum body? Great! Here are our favorites!

Best Postpartum Nightgowns

When you’re in the hospital, you want to think about things like comfort, easy access to your arm to take your blood pressure, and easy access for your nurse to get to either your perineum or your c-section scar.

Oh, and probably your boobs, too! The best nursing nightgowns are lifesavers. Here are some of our favorites for both breastfeeding and formula feeding mamas!

1. Ekouaer Women’s Nightgown Striped Tee

This nightgown is cute, stylish, comfortable, and great for breastfeeding (but also adorable if you aren’t nursing.)

With soft rayon fabric that’s easily machine washable and easy access for nursing, this gown is a win all around.

2. Leena & Lu Talara Dress

Made from organic Peruvian cotton and so comfy that I liken them to sleeping on a cloud, this nightgown is AMAZING. Be sure to size up since it’s not a designated postpartum nightgown.

I love the Talara t-shirt dress. Clearly, I was NOT postpartum in this photo. Size up on the dress to get the perfect postpartum nightgown!

Use discount code undefining10 for 10% off any Leena and Lu purchase!

Even 3 years after having a baby, I sleep in this gown almost every night!

3. Kindred Bravely Eleanora Nursing Nightgown

A an incredibly comfortable way to have a light, airy nightgown with full nursing capabilities.

blonde woman standing in black maternity and nursing nightgown that doubles as a daytime dress

I love the breathability of the premium bamboo fabric, the stretchiness that allows the gown to grow and shrink with you, and that you can lift the flap for easy nursing access.

4. Undercover Mama House Dress

This gown is great for nighttime. Its soft, comfortable fabric is machine washable and dryer friendly.

UndercoverMama - 24/7 House Dress - Color: OLIVE - Size: ONESIZE

Perhaps what I love most, though, is that you can tie it up and wear it out as a dress during the day. Gotta love a dress that does double duty!

Postpartum Pajama Sets

Pajama sets are amazing because you can mix and match for weather, company coming over, or just depending on what doesn’t have spit-up all over it! Nothing beats a good pj set with comfy pajama pants and a super soft sleep shirt.

Here are our favorites.

1. Storq 3-Piece Lounge Set

An incredibly comfortable pant, tank top, and belted jacket let you cover (or uncover) as much as you need. The loose, comfy feel is exactly what you want when you’re postpartum.

3-Piece Lounge Set

Perfectly stretchy and comfortable with a cotton-spandex blend, these pajamas are exactly what you need to maximize postpartum comfort.

2. Love and Fit Bamboo Pajama Set

The only pajama set we love with shorts, these nursing-friendly bamboo pajamas marry utility with comfort. With short sleeves and shorts, these are a great option for spring and summer, or for mamas who run warm (hello hormones!)

Woman in black pajama set pulling at top to show how it pulls down for nursing

I love the breathable bamboo fabric, pulldown cross-top for nursing, and the roomy midsection to keep you from feeling too self-conscious about your totally beautiful postpartum body!

3. Ekouaer Women’s Button-Down Top with Pant Set

Our readers rave about this reasonably priced 2-piece set that’s super soft and buttons at the top for easy nursing/pumping access. 

I love it for its breathability and adorable lacey pocket top, adding the perfect touch of cuteness. And we love a button-front for easy nursing or pumping access!

4. GYS Bamboo Pajamas

These simple, comfy pajamas are super versatile. But note that, while the title says they’re bamboo, they’re actually a combination of bamboo and viscose (and mostly viscose at that.)

We love the satin trim to add a little extra touch, and the giving elastic waist without a drawstring you’ll lose in the dryer.

5. Ekouaer Nursing Pajamas

Definitely the cutest option we’ve found, this set is ADORABLE, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

I love the cute stripes and long sleeves, as I was regularly cold. Plus, these amazing nursing pajamas are fantastic for nighttime feedings.

Matching Mom and Baby Hospital Sets

What mama doesn’t love a good hospital photo op? If you want to celebrate baby in style, many community members love these matching sets.

1. Striped Maternity Robe and Baby Swaddle from Maya and Joy

This soft, gorgeous robe and matching swaddle are a fantastic addition to any new mom’s wardrobe.

Great for photography and for comfort.

2. Everly Grey 5-Piece Maternity and Nursing Set

This matching set comes from one of our reader-favorite brands, and the top makes nursing access super easy.

We love how it pulls in multiple colors, and while any matching set will only last baby a few months, they’ll last mama much, much longer and remain full of memories.

Best Postpartum Robes

Robes are amazing additions to your postpartum wardrobe because they give easy nursing access, are comfortable, and are easy to throw on at all times of day or night.

Looking at postpartum robes takes me back to my exclusive pumping days, where anyone who entered my house entered at their own peril, as I was often sitting in a chair topless, robe open, pumping. But I LOVED that robes allowed me to cover my breast pump because they have so much more room than other postpartum loungewear.

They’re also a great cover to add on top of whatever you’re wearing.

1. Storq Delivery Robe

This gorgeous, ultra soft robe is perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and the hospital.

Delivery Robe

With easy access to your breasts for feeding, arms for taking blood pressure, and perineum or c-section scar, what more could you (or your hospital nurse) possibly ask for?

2. Floral Maternity Robe from Maya and Joy

This gorgeous delivery gown is something special. It’s soft and feels silky, but mamas rave that it doesn’t slip like many such robes.

If you’re hoping for a photo op after delivery, this robe is perfect for your hospital bag essential. Don’t love the print? Check out other items from the same company for tons of gorgeous options!

3. Kindred Bravely Emmaline Robe

A comfy, stylish, lightweight robe that can have a traditional or empire waist to adjust to your needs.

blonde woman tying robe

We especially love the modal fabric and extra deep pockets. Does anyone not love deep pockets?!

Postpartum Bras

If you didn’t buy special maternity bras, you may want to invest in a couple of postpartum bras. Nursing bras are essential for breastfeeding moms, and sleeping bras will keep you comfortable overnight even if your boobs are engorged and leaking.

1. Cake Maternity Sleeping Bra

I wore this nursing bra all throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and it was so comfortable and breathable.

It’s so comfortable on sore boobs at night, and it fits nicely with nursing pads so you won’t wake up with milk on your sheets.

2. Kindred Bravely Nursing and Sleep Bra

This organic cotton bra is soft and supportive. It’s yet another reminder of why Kindred Bravely is one of the top postpartum loungewear companies there is!

Blonde woman in gray nursing and sleeping bra from Kindred Bravely

Made to support you and keep you comfortable while you’re sleeping, I’d be lying if I said I only wore it at nighttime. If I was staying home during the day (and most days, I was), this bra was an all-day essential.

Postpartum Underwear

Having underwear to get you through postpartum means more than you might imagine. Most of us envision wearing the hospital’s mesh underwear for a few days, then granny panties for a few weeks, and then back to normal.

Realistically, though, your scars and body might require super comfortable panties for a hot minute. These are the very best!

1. The All-In Panty from Bodily

We love these super soft, stretchy, high-waisted underwear from the company known for creating postpartum comfort!

Postpartum woman in black bra and gray panties with hands on hips

The high waist is especially great for c-section recovery or for holding up those pesky (but oh-so-necessary) vaginal ice packs.

2. Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties

Both soft and cute, these recovery panties are a great option to feel a little less granny-like during your postpartum recovery!

5 pairs of panties in a diagonal line

I love that the lace is super soft, but makes you forget that you’re wearing postpartum panties!

What did you think were the BEST postpartum pajamas?

Postpartum Pajamas FAQ

What are postpartum pajamas?

Postpartum pajamas are special pajamas made specifically for the period after a women gives birth. They often have easy breastfeeding access and extra stretchy fabric to help keep new moms comfortable.

How are postpartum pajamas different from regular pajamas?

Most postpartum pajamas have special features like extra soft or stretchy fabric, high waists to avoid c-section scars, and are sized to fit a woman’s changing body after birth.

Why do I need postpartum pajamas?

Your body changes rapidly after having a baby, and postpartum pajamas are made to fit that changing body. If you’re breastfeeding, they’re especially important, as many have easy access for nursing.

Can I wear my maternity pajamas as postpartum pajamas?

If you bought special maternity pajamas, they’ll likely also work well for the postpartum period. You may eventually need to size down, but pregnancy pajamas will also serve you well after baby’s birth.


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