What is a Double Rainbow Baby and How Can You Prepare for One?


As if one pregnancy or infant loss wasn’t hard enough, dealing with TWO losses can feel catastrophic.

However, if the moment arises when you can finally bring a baby into the world safely, this baby is often referred to as a double rainbow baby.

Learning how to mourn the losses of your past while celebrating the coming joy is vital when you’re expecting a double rainbow baby.

The symbolic nature of this phrase refers to the idea that a rainbow baby is a bright spot in your life after loss.

Understanding the Double Rainbow Baby Meaning

Does Pregnancy After Miscarriage or Infant Loss Feel Different?

It’s natural to feel a sense of regret or guilt after pregnancy or infant loss occurs.

What Emotions are Normal When You’re Having a Double Rainbow Baby?

In a perfect world, the only emotions you would feel during a double rainbow baby pregnancy would be happiness and excitement.

Challenging emotions aside, there is much to be grateful for when expecting a rainbow baby after a miscarriage.

Celebrating Your Double or Triple Rainbow Baby

Coming to terms with this sudden departure from expectation can be one of the most difficult experiences for anyone to bear.

Double Rainbow Baby Meaning During Your Pregnancy

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