16 Cutest Rainbow Baby Clothes & Pajamas for Your Miracle Baby

newborn baby lying with its chin on its hands wearing a blue knit hat with a rainbow on it

When you’re experiencing pregnancy after loss, it may feel overwhelming, or it may seem nothing short of miraculous. For many women, it’s both. One thing that helps some mamas is leaning into the idea of having a rainbow baby. Why not help yourself connect with the baby in your belly by adorning your new addition in some adorable rainbow baby clothes?

Whether you’re looking for a rainbow baby onesie or a rainbow baby outfit for a first birthday, there are tons of great styles available! 

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What Are the Best Places to Find a Rainbow Baby Outfit?

One of the great things about looking for rainbow-themed baby clothes is the fact that they’re not hard to find. Whether you’re looking to dress a rainbow baby or just love the design, there are tons of great stores that offer beautiful options for your little boy or girl.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Caden Lane has tons of adorable outfits, blankets, swaddles, and more.
  • Kyte BABY has an adorable rainbow baby pajama and clothing line.
  • Target regularly carries cute rainbow baby clothes. 
  • Amazon pulls in so many different retailers that you’ll find tons of different rainbow baby outfits.

Our Top 3 Picks for a Rainbow Baby Onesie

Whether you’re looking for a rainbow baby onesie to bring your little one home from the hospital in, or you just want to ramp up your newborn-friendly rainbow-themed baby clothes, here are a few of our favorite options!

1. Cloud Rainbow Heart Bodysuit from Kyte Baby 

If you’re looking for a sweet rainbow baby onesie, then the Cloud Rainbow Heart Bodysuit from Kyte BABY should be at the top of your list. 

Made from luxurious bamboo cotton, this onesie is a favorite among many new parents (just look at the 1,200+ positive reviews!). The simple design is perfect as a standalone outfit, or parents can pair it with something else to create an adorable rainbow baby outfit.

2. Custom Baby Name Rainbow Baby Onesie

When it comes to coming home outfits for your new arrival, this personalized rainbow baby onesie from Etsy is one of our top picks. It’s available in several different sizes, and you can even pick what type of sleeve length or style you’d like your baby to have.

3. Organic Rainbow Baby Onesie from Amazon

Available in several different colorways, this onesie is the perfect option, whether you’re looking for rainbow baby girl clothes, boy clothes, or gender-neutral clothes!

While the product features high-grade organic cotton, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s extremely affordable. It also includes a tagless design which is a great option for any baby. 

The Most Adorable Rainbow Baby Pajamas on the Market

Ahh, warm footed pajamas…a staple for any new baby’s wardrobe.

When you first become a parent, you might be surprised to learn that no matter how many adorable outfits you buy your little one, they’ll probably end up in baby pajamas most of the time. 

If you’re looking for cozy rainbow baby pajamas, make sure to add these options to your list of baby registry must-haves.

1. Bonnie’s Bright Pastel Rainbows from Caden Lane

Ok, when it comes to precious rainbow baby girl clothes, give me all of the ruffle footie pajamas – swoon! And let me tell you, this design from Caden Lane doesn’t disappoint!

It’s made using a buttery-soft polyester/spandex blend that will keep your baby comfortable all day (and night!) long. It also has a zipper closure, which is the best thing in the world if you ask me because snaps kind suck in the middle of the night. 

Are you looking to add some more rainbow baby boy clothes to your shopping cart? Caden Lane’s Brook’s Blue Rainbow Footie is sure to take your breath away!

2. Knotted Gown from Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby has a beautiful rainbow line that includes pajamas, clothing, sleep sacks, blankets, and more. Their clothes are always super high quality, and they make tons of our favorite bamboo baby pajamas.

These precious rainbow heart baby pajamas feature a gown style (an absolute must for easy diaper changes!), breathable fabric, and fold-over mittens. 

3. Rainbow Footie Pajamas from Old Navy

If you’re interested in adding a different spin to your little one’s collection of rainbow baby clothes, then this set of rainbow baby pajamas from Old Navy might be a good choice.

These PJs feature a bright striped design that’s bold and playful. Plus, it only costs $8 – score!

4. Lamaze Organic Cotton Rainbow Sleep N’Play from Target

There’s just something about sunshine and rainbows that sparks a little bit of joy in my soul. If you feel the same, then these Rainbow Sleep N’Play jammies from Target are sure to be a highlight in your little one’s rainbow-themed baby wardrobe.

This set of rainbow baby pajamas is the epitome of happiness. They also have great features, such as a zipper closure, organic cotton, and tabs over the zippers to prevent scratches.

5. Cannon’s Earthy Rainbow Knot Newborn Gown

Are you interested in a baby gown instead of footie pajamas? Caden Lane has you covered! Their Earthy Rainbow Newborn gown is one of my personal favorites from this list!

Because this is a gown, it’s only made for the youngest babies, so it’s a perfect way to celebrate right when baby comes home. The opening at the bottom makes for easy diaper changes, and it comes with a matching hat. 

5 of Our Favorite Rainbow Baby Outfits

Okay, rainbow baby onesies and pajamas aside, it’s time to start talking about the most precious rainbow baby outfits on the market. Here are our top five picks:

1. Printed Twirl Dress in Aloe Rainbow

Did you love the Aloe Rainbow design we mentioned in our rainbow baby onesie section? Well, you’re in luck because there’s more where that came from! 

White dress with pastel blue, pink, orange, and dark purple rainbows
This twirly rainbow dress will have all eyes on your little one.

Kyte BABY also offers this silky soft printed twirl dress that’s available in a wide range of sizes, from 18 months to 7T!

2. Personalized Watercolor Rainbow Baby Outfit

Ok, if you’re rummaging through your rainbow baby boy clothes and still can’t find the perfect “coming home” outfit, your search ends right now!

This gorgeous set from Etsy includes a personalized rainbow baby onesie, hat, and soft baby pants that all include a beautiful rainbow design. 

3. Chambray Romper and Rainbow Baby Onesie Set

While we’re talking about certain types of baby clothes that make my heart do a little pitter-patter, we might as well add baby overalls to the list. It should come as no surprise that this adorable rainbow baby outfit makes me melt.

I love the way the chambray-style romper looks against the playful yellow rainbow baby onesie. This is sure to be a hit for anyone looking for rainbow baby girl clothes. 

5. Rainbow Baby Tutu with Headband

From newborn photo sessions to creating an adorable rainbow baby outfit, many parents love a rainbow-themed tutu

This option from Amazon is precious and is sure to brighten all your photos. 

Rainbow Baby Swaddles You’re Going to Love

When it comes to outfitting newborns, finding the right swaddles is a big part of the process. Luckily, you can keep the rainbow-themed baby clothes going, even with your baby blankets! Here are a few of our favorite rainbow baby swaddles:

1. Brooks’ Blue Rainbow Oversized Swaddle from Caden Lane

Caden Lane is swooping in with another five-star option. Their Blue Rainbow oversized swaddle offers the comfort and warmth your baby needs when they’re all wrapped up like a little burrito. 

Newborn laying down with eyes clothes swaddled in a white blanket with dark blue and light grey rainbows
Swaddle your rainbow baby in this adorable rainbow swaddler.

This swaddle has amazing reviews and is a top choice for your baby registry! And if you want a different color, check out their large variety of rainbow swaddles, named after beloved and missed babies. 

2. Natural Beige Rainbow Organic Bamboo Cotton Swaddle

Not everyone is looking for bright colors when it comes to their rainbow baby clothes and swaddles. 

If you prefer more muted, gender-neutral shades, this beige rainbow swaddle is guaranteed to strike your fancy.

3. Boho Personalized Rainbow Baby Swaddle

If you’re searching for rainbow baby clothes and accessories that offer a boho vibe, you’re going to love this personalized swaddle from Etsy

Personalized white swaddle blanket with dark pink, medium pink, and light pink rainbows
Looking for a great gift for a rainbow baby in your life? What a great way to celebrate them with this personalized rainbow baby blanket!

It comes in several different sizes, styles, and fabrics. Plus, you can add on adorable hats and bows.  

Finding Great Rainbow Baby Clothes is Easy (if You Want Them!)

So, the moral of the story is: If you’re on the hunt for rainbow-theme baby clothes, there’s no shortage of precious options available. Just remember, though, there’s no rule stating you have to use them.

Do what feels right to you. We’re sure your baby is going to love (or honestly, not care that much) whatever you decide to put them in!

Would you ever purchase rainbow baby clothes for your little one? If so, what types of products would be your favorites?

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