What is a Double Rainbow Baby and How Can You Prepare for One?

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As if one pregnancy or infant loss wasn’t hard enough, dealing with TWO losses can feel catastrophic. However, if the moment arises when you can finally bring a baby into the world safely, this baby is often referred to as a double rainbow baby

The relationship between the phrase “rainbow baby” and miscarriage is more recognizable as families talk openly about pregnancy and infant loss, but many people assume it always reflects a singular loss. Using words like double or triple rainbow baby pays homage to your loss experiences and memorializes the lost little ones who’ve come before.

Here’s the thing, though – just because you’re finally going through the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth after loss, it doesn’t mean the process isn’t emotional. For most of us, it can be an agonizing and anxiety-filled time.

Learning how to mourn the losses of your past while celebrating the coming joy is vital when you’re expecting a double rainbow baby.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and emotional, we’ve got some great tips on what to expect throughout your pregnancy and beyond. From double rainbow baby announcements to tips on managing anxiety and regret, our community is here to guide you through this bittersweet moment in your life.

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Understanding the Double Rainbow Baby Meaning

Babies born from pregnancy after miscarriage are often called rainbow babies. The symbolic nature of this phrase refers to the idea that a rainbow baby is a bright spot in your life after loss. 

When families call their new little one a double rainbow baby, this usually means they’ve experienced two pregnancy or infant losses.

This could mean the soon-to-be mom lost a set of twins or more than one pregnancy loss. 

If you’ve experienced three losses, this is called a triple rainbow baby. More than three miscarriages are also called recurrent miscarriage, which happens in 1% of women, including our founder, Katy.. 

Do All Loss Parents Refer to These Babies as Double Rainbow Babies?

Despite gaining popularity in infertility and pregnancy communities, not every hopeful parent emotionally connects with the term “rainbow baby,” and we get it. 

Some feel like the description of “rainbow baby” portrays loss as an adverse event (or the storm before the rainbow.) Instead, they prefer to celebrate the memory of these losses and appreciate the time they had with these precious babies.

You don’t have to call your child a double rainbow baby if it doesn’t feel right to you. It’s your choice to view your experience in any way that makes sense to you and your family.

Does Pregnancy After Miscarriage or Infant Loss Feel Different?

It’s natural to feel a sense of regret or guilt after pregnancy or infant loss occurs. Many women wonder whether there were early signs of miscarriage or if there was anything they could’ve done differently to ensure a different outcome.

Sadly, it’s not easy to let go of emotions like these, but we’d like for you to take a deep breath and repeat after us: pregnancy loss is NEVER your fault

For that reason, when you become pregnant again, you might start looking for clues that this experience will be different.

Trust me; I wish I could tell you there was some magic test you could take to let yourself know everything will be okay. But, early signs of pregnancy after miscarriage are the same as those in healthy pregnancies.

Tender breasts, morning sickness, implantation cramps, and more are all par for the course of pregnancy – no matter what the outcome might be.

The best advice we can offer is to look for signs something is wrong with your pregnancy or baby. 

Some of these include: 

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Severe Abdominal Pain
  • Lack of Fetal Movement
  • Uterine Cramping
  • Sudden Decrease in Pregnancy Symptoms
African American couple sitting on a couch with hands on the woman's pregnant stomach
If you are finding it difficult to cope and celebrate your double rainbow baby, here are some tips!

What Emotions are Normal When You’re Having a Double Rainbow Baby?

In a perfect world, the only emotions you would feel during a double rainbow baby pregnancy would be happiness and excitement.

Unfortunately, our emotions are never as simple as we’d hope, especially when we’re newly full of pregnancy hormones on top of all our feelings. You might feel:






These things are examples of what many parents struggle with during pregnancies after loss. Although there are certainly moments of joy and anticipation, it’s not always easy to let go of the past.

We grow up with a false perspective that conception, pregnancy, and childbirth will be easy. This rose-tinted viewpoint leaves many of us unprepared for the challenges these experiences can pose.  

Once you’ve dealt with negative experiences once, it’s not unusual to worry they’ll happen again. 

You should know that any emotions, be them good or bad, are normal during pregnancy after miscarriage or infant loss

In navigating any hard feelings, look for support from your partner, family, and friends. Talk to them about your experience and remain open about your feelings. If you don’t have a regular therapist, consider talking to a professional about your feelings. There is NO shame in reaching out for help from an objective professional, and some therapists even specialize in issues like infertility and pregnancy loss.

It’s also beneficial to practice various stress management techniques, such as:

  • Gentle Exercise
  • Meditation and/or Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Taking Up Hobbies or Practicing an Old One
  • Getting Plenty of Rest
  • Breathing Exercises 
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When Should You Seek Help for Depression or Pregnancy Anxiety After Miscarriage?

While all of these emotions are logical and even expected, there is a point where a doctor might deem them problematic. 

Having sporadic episodes of sadness or anxiety is nothing out-of-the-norm. If these feelings become constant, are affecting your ability to function, or result in severe side effects, such as suicidal thoughts, you should make an appointment with your physician as soon as possible. Please know that you don’t have to struggle alone!

Celebrating Your Double or Triple Rainbow Baby

Challenging emotions aside, there is much to be grateful for when expecting a rainbow baby after a miscarriage. 

This is an extraordinary moment in your life that deserves celebration. Some rainbow baby parents might even want to celebrate! Looking for ideas about how to honor the occasion? Here are a few of our favorite options:

1. Participate in Rainbow Baby Day

Each year on August 22nd, individuals, families, and organizations throughout the United States celebrate Rainbow Baby Day. This event allows parents to recognize babies born after losses and honor the memories of babies lost through miscarriage or infant loss.

This is also a great way to help educate and support hopeful parents who still long to have a rainbow baby of their own. 

2. Send Out a Double Rainbow Baby Announcement

Announcing your double rainbow baby or triple rainbow baby pregnancy is a fun way to celebrate your new beginning. 

If you’re looking for a cute way to do this, plenty of Etsy sellers offer digital double rainbow baby announcements. You could also buy some type of themed product and take a photo yourself. Some of our favorite options include:

1. Handpicked by Siblings in Heaven Onesie

This boho-style rainbow baby onesie is perfect for your upcoming announcement photo. Featuring the quote “Handpicked for Earth by My Siblings in Heaven,” this outfit expresses joy for the baby who’s soon to join your family and acknowledges your little ones in Heaven.

This would also make a great announcement for a triple rainbow baby!

2. Double Rainbow Wood Plaque

Pair this simple wooden plaque with your baby’s ultrasound photo, and you have the perfect double rainbow baby announcement. 

This wooden plaque from Etsy is perfect to celebrate your double rainbow baby!

We love it as an option to keep in your rainbow baby’s nursery, too!

3. Butterfly Rainbow Baby Artwork

I’m in love with this beautiful piece of rainbow baby-inspired artwork from LittleJennyWrenShop on Etsy

This product would make a great addition to a double rainbow baby birth announcement once your little one has made their big debut and would also make a great addition to their nursery.

A great keepsake from Etsy for your double rainbow baby!

It can be customized to include the word “siblings” to represent all of the babies your family has lost along the way. 

3. Use the Double Rainbow Baby Theme in Your Maternity Photos

As someone who works on the side as a photographer, I’m always inspired by the personal touches people bring to their photoshoots. When parents are expecting a rainbow baby, for example, there are some incredible ways to celebrate your journey during the session.

Whether you use one of the products previously mentioned as props or dress in a rainbow-inspired dress, there are tons of great ideas to pay homage to your double rainbow baby pregnancy. 

Little boy holding a teddy bear wearing a blue hat and wrapped in blue blanket
Expecting a double rainbow baby? You’re probably going through a mix of emotions. and that’s why we’re here to help!

Double Rainbow Baby Meaning During Your Pregnancy

While labeling your little one as a double or triple rainbow baby might not be for everyone, it’s hard to deny the beauty in the concept and the hope that many parents feel by using the term.

From the moment we receive a positive pregnancy test, our lives change drastically. Many families start building a vision of the family we’re creating and the memories we aspire to form. We ponder questions about how we’ll parent and dream of the people our children will become.

After miscarriage or infant loss, there can be a gut-wrenching void left behind filled only by a collection of moments, memories, and hopes that will never come to fruition. 

Coming to terms with this sudden departure from expectation can be one of the most difficult experiences for anyone to bear. When this loss happens more than once, though, it can feel like your happily ever after will simply remain a nightmare.

But when all of the things you wished so hard for finally come true, you might feel the first glimmer of sunlight after days of darkness and gloom. 

If it fits your emotional journey, celebrate your double rainbow baby!

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Is this the first time you’d heard of the term “double rainbow baby” or “triple rainbow baby?”