13 Educational Toys for Babies that Parents Love, Too


You might not think newborns and infants have any use for toys, but you’d be shocked by how much they enjoy them and can learn from them – especially when you buy suitable educational toys for babies!

Whether you’re hoping to fine-tune their motor skills or enhance their brain development, there are many awesome options on the market!

Look for things they can hold and do something with, i.e., shake, suck on, or make noise with.  Newborns love toys, books, and other things they can look at.

Newborns and infants are so intrigued by looking at themselves in the mirror.

Sassy Tummy Time Mirror

Their CharityBrands line supports charities that “create a positive impact on women’s and children’s issues.”

Crocheted Animal Rattle from Etsy

Fisher-Price Soothe N’Snuggle Otter

Research shows that when babies listen to music often, their auditory and prefunctal cortexes look different.

Oaktown Supply Building Blocks and Wagon

I can’t write a list of the best baby toys for development without including these adorable wooden alphabet blocks.

Around six to eight months, many babies will have the coordination to start working simple puzzles.

Custom Name Puzzle from Etsy

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Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Young Kids 

(Printable cards that can be rearranged to create tons of different hunts, divided by ages from 2-7 years old)

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