The Ultimate Planning Guide to Flying with a Baby

As the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine are being distributed in the U.S., parents around the world are eager to return to normal family life, including taking a real vacation. 

Families who have delayed vacations for months may now be considering a more epic adventure than their typical road trip to the beach or even a domestic flight, requiring months of pre-planning.

It’s always smart to review the CDC’s travel page to ensure you’re armed with the latest healthy travel information to make flying with a baby as safe as possible.

Babies keep you busy, so outsourcing as much of the planning as possible is key.

1. Start Planning Early 

Regardless of when you fly, a nonstop or direct flight is almost always the best choice when flying with a baby unless you’ve got a long international itinerary.

2. Timing Your Flight

3. Booking Flights for Flying with an Infant on Lap

To book this type of ticket, book all adult tickets first. Make sure to avoid exit rows or seats immediately in front or behind exit rows.

4. Schedule a House Cleaning

The days before a big travel day is a great time to schedule a cleaning of your home. Coming home to a clean house after a long trip flying with a baby is a godsend.

Practice saying “no” to personal projects, appointments, or requests at work.

5. Practice Self Care for Moms

As you change their nappy, walk them through their upcoming journey from the train to the airport to the plane and wherever else using the five senses.

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