Should You Buy Gifts for Labor & Delivery Nurses?

There are a lot of admirable careers, but nurses who help deliver babies probably deserve some of the top spots. That’s why so many expectant moms and dads find themselves wondering whether they should be purchasing gifts for labor & delivery nurses. 

Are You Allowed to Buy Gifts for Your Delivery Team?

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to bring gifts or snacks for labor and delivery nurses in most situations. However, what’s important to know is your particular hospital’s policy on this type of thing.

How Many Nurse Gifts Do I Need?

If you’re worried about having enough gifts for each nurse, you could always provide one large snack tray or something similar for the labor and delivery floor to share.

When Should You Give Them Their Gifts?

When it comes to figuring out when to give your labor and delivery nurse a gift, There’s really no right or wrong answer.

Are Snacks for Labor and Delivery Nurses a Good Option?

It should come as no surprise that snacks for labor and delivery nurses are a welcome token of your appreciation.

Labor & Delivery Nurse Survival Kit 

Who doesn’t love a good survival kit-type present? Whether it’s a new mom survival kit or a postpartum recovery kit, these types of gifts are always a popular option. That’s why a nurse survival kit is a great idea if you’re looking for gifts for labor and delivery nurses.

Funny Nurse Mugs

Maybe you’ve heard of “funny mom mugs,” but did you also know there’s an impressive collection of funny nurse mugs that are sure to tickle the funny bone of your labor and delivery team? Fill one of these with some candy or other snacks for your labor and delivery nurses for a complete gift.

Hand Repair Set

Why not give them a soothing Burts Bees hand repair cream set? Not only is this an affordable gift for labor and delivery nurses, but it’s also basic enough that any nurse is sure to love it.

It’s a Beautiful Day to Catch Babies Keychain

This adorable keychain from Etsy is one of the best gifts for labor and delivery nurses. Not only does it feature a beautiful design, but it also comes in various colors and finishes to fit your style wants and needs.

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