14 Funny Mom Mugs That Tell It Like It Is

cool mom funny mom mugs

If you ever come into my home, take a look in my kitchen cabinets and see what you find – I take that back, don’t do it; you’ll get lost in the mess and never find your way back out! 

Instead, let me help you imagine what the inside of my cabinets looks like.

Picture for a moment stacks of plates, kiddie cups, and a random selection of mismatched bowls. Then, nestled alongside this collection of food-related tchotchkes, try to imagine a multitude of funny mom mugs and other coffee cups nestled into as many empty spaces as I can find. 

I’m not sure why this is, but the coffee mugs in my home seem to be cloning themselves.

Don’t misunderstand that statement, though!  You could easily assume I’m displeased by the vast number of coffee cups and travel mugs blessing my happy home. On the contrary, I love them.

If I were to attempt Marie Kondo-ing my kitchen, I can almost promise you every single one of them would spark joy in my soul, ESPECIALLY the funny ones.

When it comes to buying mugs for mom, putting together a new mom gift basket, or looking for funny mom gifts, witty mugs just hit differently than other options. 

Why do we love funny mom mugs so much?

Maybe we just think they’re cute?

Maybe they strike a nerve with some unspoken sentiment we can really get behind?

Or maybe we just need a good laugh while dealing with our day-to-day parenting stress? Either way, if you’re looking for a funny gift for mom, we’ve put together a list of our favorite options!

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What Is It About Moms and Mugs?

While it might seem unusual that so many moms have an affinity for mug-related gifts, there’s a pretty simple explanation.

Moms often need a lot of coffee to keep up with the demands of the tiny humans they’re raising…why not serve it in hilarious mugs for mom?

Also, some moms might need an unsuspicious cup to sneak a glass of wine in from time to time; there’s no shame in our parenting game!

Funny mom travel mugs and coffee cups are also an ideal gift option. Whether you’re putting together a new mom care package or you’re looking for a gift for your wife after giving birth, these are a 5-star solution.

The only tricky part about buying funny mom gifts is the vast collection of outstanding products available.

If you’re feeling lost about which coffee mug is the best choice for the new or seasoned mommy in your life, our list of favorites is guaranteed to help simplify the process.

The Top 3 Funny Mom Mugs for Tired Moms

Did you know that most new moms lose AT LEAST one hour of sleep each night on average? 

Please pay close attention to the “at least” part of that statement…I think most mothers know that nighttime newborn shenanigans take much more than an hour. 

It’s no wonder the general state of mind for new parents is: tired.

Try it! Ask any of the new moms and dads in your life how they’re feeling and there’s a pretty good chance the word tired will be the first one to leave their lips. 

So, in honor of the sleepy moms in your life, I present a collection of funny mom mugs for exhausted parents:

1. Pearhead – Tired as a Mother Coffee Mug

This one keeps it short and sweet; the words “Tired as a Mother” make the sentiment of the coffee mug pretty clear. 

This mug has adorable gold accents and is big enough to handle all the coffee or tea you need to supplement your morning caffeine habit. One thing to keep in mind with this mug, though, is that it’s not dishwasher safe. Some shoppers had issues with cracks after they forgot to handwash.

2. Long Story Short – Funny Mom Mug from Sugar Plum Prints HQ

Are you gifting a tired mom who has more than one kid? If the answer is yes, this funny mom mug from the Etsy shop, SugarPlumPrintsHQ, is for you!

funny mom mugs really really tired

Whether you’re in the market for silly birthday presents or funny Mother’s Day mugs, this option is sure to be a hit!

3. Mombie – Coffee Mug from MagnoliaGiftCo

Have you ever referred to yourself or heard someone else refer to you as a “Mombie?” Well, we’ve found you the perfect mug from MagnoliaGiftCo!

mombie funny mom mugs

Featuring a cute cartoon drawing of a mombie figure (It’s like looking in a mirror) and some adorable verbiage, this is certain to become a favorite option for all future funny mom gifts. Plus, you can personalize it, and what mom doesn’t love having their name on stuff?

The Most Hilarious “Inspirational” Mugs for Mom

Are you ready for some witty mugs for mom that come with a little extra boost of inspirational goodness? Here you go!

1. “You’re an Awesome Mom. Keep That Shit Up!” – Funny Mom Mug

Not going to lie – this funny mom mug from Cute But Rude might be one of my favorites on this list! I mean, come on, what parent doesn’t need a not-so-subtle reminder that they’re a total badass?

funny mom mugs keep that shit up

Available in both an 11oz and 15oz option, reviewers love this mug’s solid feel and durability. 

2. Cool Mom – Funny Mom Mug Inspired By Mean Girls

Would you like to buy a totally fetch funny mom mug for yourself or someone you love? Well, then, this Mean Girl-inspired coffee cup is the one you’re looking for! 

cool mom funny mom mugs

One of the greatest things about this product is the number of options you have available. Not only can you choose from several different colors, but you can also buy it as a travel mug or water bottle.

Funny Mom Mugs that are “From Her Kids”

Whether you’re a dad or partner who wants to get your kids’ mom a hilarious coffee or tea mug as a gift, or you’re shopping for a funny Mother’s Day mug for your mom, the following three products are sure to inspire some giggles.

1. Of All the Vaginas in the World – Funny Mother’s Day Mug

Not every kid will feel comfortable gifting this kind of funny mom mug to their parent, but if your mother has a sense of humor, this coffee mug from BackyardPeaks is an ideal gift selection.

vagina tumbler

Insert Image Here

One of the things I love about this particular mug is the fact that it would not only make a great Mother’s Day present or birthday gift, but it’s also one of the most spectacular postpartum gifts I’ve ever seen.

2. Dear Mom – Thanks for Wiping My Ass Coffee Mug

Being a mom is often a thankless job. Why not show a little gratitude for all of the little things your mother does?  

thanks for wiping my ass

You know, like wiping your butt and stuff? If a comedic thank you mug strikes your fancy when it comes to funny mom gifts, you’ve found the best product available. 

3. Dear Mom – I Get it Now, Funny Mom Mug from EasytoLoveStore

We never quite appreciate what it takes to be a mom or parent until we’ve had children of our own. 

dear mom I get it now

Insert Image Here

When that moment comes, make sure your mother knows that you’ve finally come full circle with one of these sarcastic mugs for mom!

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Mugs for Any Mom Who Would Rather Be Drinking Alcohol

I’m not going to say that moms are constantly hiding alcohol inside their coffee mug or teacup, but I also can’t say that it never happens either. 

If you’re looking to spike your morning cup of joe with a little something extra, why not have the right kind of alcohol-themed mug to go with it?

If you’re buying funny mom mugs, though, please make sure that the mom or mom figure in your life is actually a drinker. You don’t want to encourage alcohol when a mom could be struggling with addiction or simply wanting to cut back. 

1. It’s Not Drinking Alone if the Kids are Home – Travel Mug

There are many funny travel mugs on the market, but I really like the brutal honesty that comes with this one from PinkMangoesStores

drinking alone

This mug can hold up to 14oz of your favorite drink (coffee, tea, margaritas – you name it!), and it comes with a convenient handle that pairs well with parenting. Keep in mind, that this stainless steel mug isn’t microwave-friendly.

2. This Might Be Wine – Mother’s Day Gift Mug

While this “This Might Be Wine” coffee cup from Amazon isn’t specifically geared to moms, I’m having difficulty imagining many parents who wouldn’t get a kick out of it. 

Pack it full of k-cups, hot chocolate mix, or tiny wine bottles for a first-class funny mom gift. 

3. Mama Needs a Cocktail – Coffee or Tea Mug

Would you like to let your loved ones know how you’re feeling after a rough day, night, morning, or any other period of time? Lay it all out there with the Mama Needs a Cocktail mug from Casitika!

mama needs a cocktail

This particular funny mom mug is available in three different sizes: 11oz, 14oz, and 15oz. Many reviewers also raved about the fast shipping speeds from the Etsy shop.

Straight Up Funny Mom Coffee Mugs

Now onto the final three hilarious mugs for mom on our list. These products are some of our absolute favorites!

1. My Nickname is Mom – Funny Mom Mug on Amazon

Ahh, this darling coffee mug from Amazon perfectly showcases the soundtrack of any mother’s life: “Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mama, mommmmmmyyyy!”

As if this mug being hilarious wasn’t a good enough reason to buy it, it’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe (perfect for those days when you pour a cup at 7am and don’t get to drink it until noon!) It also holds an astounding 17.5oz of caffeinated goodness. 

3. I Looked Up My Symptoms – Mom Mug from QueenBeeDesignsCo

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you’re always tired, stressed, and looking like an extra from “The Walking Dead?” 

I just have kids

Spoiler Alert: It’s probably just from being a mom! If you’ve identified your own parenting “symptoms,” this coffee cup on Etsy is for you. 

4. Thou Shalt Not Test Me – Funny Mom Mug

Ok moms – grab onto every ounce of inner parenting you have and let your little ones know who’s boss! If you’re having a hard time remembering that you, in fact, are in charge, this funny mom mug TheBearededMugMan will help put things into perspective. 

thou shalt not test me

This coffee cup is available in black and white. It can even be purchased with a handle and lid if you’re interested in funny mom travel mugs. 

Bust Out Your Vinyl Machine & Check Out These Funny Mom Coffee Quotes

Are you feeling crafty? Do you own some type of vinyl-cutting machine? Well then, why not put away that Amazon cart and make your own funny mugs for mom?

If you’re looking for inspiration, these funny mom coffee quotes for mugs will help:

  • Instant Mom – Just Add Coffee
  • Tired as a Mother
  • This Mom Runs on Love, Coffee, and Wine
  • Mama Needs Some Coffee
  • If Found in Microwave, Please Return to Mom
  • Today’s Goal: Drink  Coffee and Keep the Tiny Humans Alive
  • Mom: Chaos Coordinator Fueled By Caffeine
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Which of These Belly-Busting Mugs for Mom is Your Favorite?

So there you have it; our perfectly curated collection of the top 15 funny mom mugs on the internet!

Whether you’re searching for funny Mother’s Day mugs or just need some type of funny mom gifts, any of the options on this list are sure to bring the laughs, love, and appreciation you’re hoping for. 

And trust me – while some of the products in this collection might seem a little “much,” for anyone who’s a mom, trust us, they’re going to get it!

If you could only buy one of these funny mom mugs, which one would it be?