Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Mom in 2 Organized Bags

Our 2-bag packing system takes away all the stress by giving you a hospital bag checklist that will keep your bags organized, your hospital room decluttered, and will help you make sure you have all the must-haves!

When you’re ready to get organized and start packing, it’s helpful to have a “hospital bag checklist” that’s printable.

Hospital Bag Essentials

You should pack 2 hospital bags! Believe me, it’s not overpacking. It’s smarter packing.

1. Labor & delivery bag 2. Recovery & postpartum bag

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom

We’ve divided our hospital bag checklist into 2 sections, one for each bag you’ll need. Trust us, this is going to make your life so much easier.

Labor Bag for Mom

You’ll want paperwork, anything that needs to be communicated to your doctor, tools to help you manage contractions, and anything you might want immediately following baby’s birth. (Usually, that just means a charged cell phone for photos).

 Photo ID & Insurance Card

For U.S. moms, you’ll likely have to fill out intake paperwork (if your hospital lets you do that online, DO IT!).

Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan is a great way to make sure your care team understands exactly what you want for labor and delivery. It covers topics like pain management, having your water manually broken, and feeding preferences when baby arrives.

 Cleansing Face and Body Wipes

There are no two ways about it; giving birth is a messy experience. Whether you’re laboring or delivering, an increased amount of bodily fluids comes with the territory.

Hospital Bag for Mom: Recovery & Postpartum 

Comfy pajamas, including nightgown Comfy slippers and/or fuzzy non-slip socks Nursing Pillows and Other Breastfeeding Supplies Comfortable Clothes and Toiletries

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