The Best Maternity Pajamas

When you’re pregnant, comfort is key. Weird things happen to pregnant bodies, and all mamas carrying babies want to feel as comfortable as possible. That, and we want to sleep while we can, and the right pair of comfy, cozy maternity pajamas can work wonders for helping keep us as rested as possible. 

What To Look For When Choosing Maternity Loungewear

So choose soft, comfortable, cozy pajamas that are machine washable, and you’ll rest better both because you feel SO good, and because you know you don’t need to pajama shop for another year-and-a-half.

Best Maternity Pajama Sets

Maternity pajama sets are amazing because you can wear them around outside of the bedroom. And during the postpartum period, you may just live in them all day, as well. 

 Ekouaer 2-Piece Pajama Set

We love Ekouaer pajamas because they’re super comfy and the price is right. We do think it’s worth splurging on some maternity pajamas to make sure they last you through the postpartum period, but with Ekouaer, there’s no need to splurge.

 STORQ 3-Piece Lounge Set

This lounge set is the ultimate in luxury maternity pajamas! You won’t believe the comfort of this soft, cotton/spandex blend that will stretch and grow with you both directions; as baby grows, and as new mama shrinks.

 Kindred Bravely Davy Maternity and Nursing Pajamas

These pajamas are loose and super comfy, and they can be put in the washer and dryer (an absolute must! You will have bodily fluids everywhere.)

 Kindred Bravely June Maternity and Nursing Pajamas

These pajamas are designed for warmer weather or pregnancy hot flashes (hence the capri pants and sleeveless top), but with a great robe thrown over top, I think they work year-round! Particularly if you’re a hot sleeper.

 Pink Blush Camo Pocket Maternity Set

This pajama set is just too cute not to love! It’s basically sweats, but trendy, so you can wear them to bed or out for a casual day. We love that the cuffed ankle and sleeves hold everything in place, so it fits no matter what your height.

Maternity Nightgowns You’ll Love

I don’t know about you, but I love a nightgown. They’re so free flowing that I find them much more comfortable to sleep in than pajamas sets. To me, sets are for daytime; gowns are for sleeping.

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