14 Things to Do To Tackle Mom Overwhelm

As if one pregnancy or infant loss wasn’t hard enough, dealing with TWO losses can feel catastrophic.

“Doing It All” is a Lie You see, our grandmothers, and even some of our mothers, had more clearly defined roles.

“Doing it All” is a Modern Lie We get overloaded by the madness, and we HAVE to outsource some of our tasks to someone, or we might spontaneously combust.

So how do you know when you’re balancing things, and when you’re losing it? Honestly, it’s a fine line, but take a minute and ask yourself the following questions:

– Have you been less patient with your children, or more prone to snapping at them without realizing you’re doing it? – Have you been sleeping poorly?

– Have you been crying throughout the day, sometimes without understanding why? – Are you eating more or less than normal?

If more than a few of these apply to you, then it’s likely time to stop and take a hard look at all the things you are doing for your family that you could possibly outsource to make your life easier.

For 3-5 days (depending on how routine your life is or if it varies throughout the week), keep a list going in your phone as you do a task.

(1) Make a Task List

Divide it up, use emojis, print it out, and color code it. Whatever works for you. But the goal is to figure out.

(2) Organize the list

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Everything that gives you energy is yours. Keep it and own it, mama!