8 Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Baby Monitor for Your Family


Traveling with a baby can be super stressful, but knowing you have the right equipment can decrease the bulk and lessen the stress.

While we love using Babyquip to rent the gear we need, using a monitor that isn’t your own can be tricky. Plus it’s basically one of the smallest items you carry.

That’s why a reliable travel baby monitor has become part of the essentials to carry along on any trip–from the baby spending a few nights with a grandparent to a fun family adventure.

Size and Portability

Minimizing the packaging space of your travel monitor is fundamental when arranging essentials for traveling. Small + lightweight = win!

Since you are traveling and want a comfortable and convenient travel experience, a wireless baby monitor is a great choice.


Image Quality

High image resolution is key in any baby monitor, including one for travel. You can position a baby monitor with good image quality at any angle without worrying about image quality.

Two-way Communication

Two-way communication is super helpful when traveling, especially when you intend to spend a night in a different room from your baby.

It is good to choose a baby monitor that has reasonable coverage. A long range baby monitor is necessary, especially when you are not sure what distance your room will be from the baby’s.

Long Range

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