Everything You Need to Know About Postpartum Belly Wraps


If you’re on the fence about whether this technique is something you’d like to try for your postpartum body, we’ve got tons of great information from belly binding experts to help you make the smartest choice for yourself.

What Are Postpartum Wraps?

Postpartum wraps are a tool used for belly binding, also known as abdominal compression.

The Top 4 Postpartum Belly Wrap Benefits After C-Section & Vaginal Birth

Moms who use proper belly wrapping after childbirth can expect several significant advantages, such as: - Pain Relief - Healing Weak Muscles - Support for Pelvic Floor - Helps New Moms Get Moving

Belly Binding Cons: Are There Any Reasons Not to Use Postpartum Wraps?

If you decide to give postpartum belly wraps a try, other potential problems include pain, itchiness, and rashes. When worn too tightly, postpartum wraps can also lead to a prolapsed pelvic floor.

How to Use a Postpartum Belly Wrap the Right Way

New moms who receive the go-ahead often begin belly binding within a few days after a vaginal delivery and within 2 weeks if they’ve had a c-section.

When is it Too Late to Wear a Postpartum Belly Wrap?

Around 6-weeks postpartum, the results obtained with postpartum belly wraps will begin to decline. If you haven’t started belly binding before this point, it’s not likely the experience will provide much help.

The Top 10 Popular Postpartum Belly Wrap Products

If you’re ready to start the search for the best postpartum belly wraps on the market, you might as well purchase one of the top options available.

 Bodily Belly Band 

Made from a combination of nylon and polyester, this postpartum wrap offers gentle compression and lumbar support at the same time.

 Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap from Belly Bandit

Reviewers rave about how much this belly binding device helped them feel like their old selves within a short time after delivery. It also provides full coverage while remaining invisible underneath your clothes.

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