The Best Pregnancy Journals & Why It’s Worth Keeping One

When you’re preparing to welcome a baby into the world, there are plenty of things you’d probably rather forget.

That’s why I recommend a pregnancy journal!

Not only can this piece of memorabilia serve as an informational outlet for friends and family who might be preparing to have a baby of their own, but it’s also a wonderful asset for your children.

Why is a Pregnancy Journal Important?

From weird pregnancy side effects, to baby shower memories, to feeling that first kick, a pregnancy journal can help you immortalize your journey to becoming a parent.

Guided Pregnancy Journals

With a guided journal, you’ll spend less time trying to decide whether you should include information on the outfit you were wearing when you first peed on a stick and more time mulling over compelling pregnancy journal prompts that are already provided for you.

Pearhead My Pregnancy Journal

Many soon-to-be moms boast about its gorgeous cover and full range of writing topics. It’s also worth noting that this journal includes pockets that can hold additional documents, letters, and photos.

Bloom New Pregnancy Planner & Journal

It includes ample space for organizing all pregnancy-related appointments, events, and things-to-do. Plus, it has areas for journaling throughout your experience.

Pregnancy Bullet Journal

Based on the teachings of Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling is a streamlined technique of staying organized and recording your everyday thoughts and experiences.

Pregnancy Journal App

Not only do many of these platforms provide all the information you could want about what’s actually going on inside your body, but they also provide areas for you to input your thoughts, feelings, and memories about the experience.

280 Days Pregnancy Diary

This free app is a popular choice among soon-to-be moms and dads alike. It includes tons of great information about baby’s growth and mom’s condition, plus it has a diary feature for your personal records.

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