The Best Pregnancy Journals & Why It’s Worth Keeping One

When you’re preparing to welcome a baby into the world, there are plenty of things you’d probably rather forget.

The aches and pains, endless morning sickness, and unpleasant bathroom-related issues, for example, are just a few of these less thrilling aspects of pregnancy.

It can be hard to imagine that, one day, you’ll barely remember these harder parts of pregnancy.

Since having my girls, I’ve realized something important. I have a tendency to forget about many of the ups and downs I experienced during pregnancy.

That’s why I recommend a pregnancy journal!

If you want to create a lifelong keepsake to commemorate this monumental life experience, a pregnancy journal might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Not only can this piece of memorabilia serve as an informational outlet for friends and family who might be preparing to have a baby of their own, but it’s also a wonderful asset for your children.

Imagine for a moment how great it could be to share these precious memories with your kids as they begin to grow, and perhaps eventually become parents themselves.

A pregnancy is a life changing occurrence–why not give it the attention it deserves by committing these moments to a pregnancy journal?

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Why is a Pregnancy Journal Important?

Recently, a friend who’s expecting was asking questions about my experience with pregnancy, delivery, and the different things I did when I was getting ready for baby. I was shocked to realize many of the minor details and little moments weren’t crystal clear.

Sure, I remembered certain things like carrying huge bags of ginger chews around to evade nausea, but other things were fuzzy.

What unusual early pregnancy signs did I have?

When did I first feel the baby move?

What hospital bag essentials did I pack before delivery?

Did I have to get vaccines while pregnant?

How many ultrasounds did I have? And when were they?

While many of these topics might seem inconsequential, they were still a part of the process of carrying my children. I wished I’d kept a better track of my experience.

From weird pregnancy side effects, to baby shower memories, to feeling that first kick, a pregnancy journal can help you immortalize your journey to becoming a parent.

You might not think certain things are crucial bits of information right now, but one day down the road, you’ll be glad you took the time to jot them down.

Pregnancy Journal Ideas: Which Option is Right for You?

As with most things in life, not every woman will like the same type of pregnancy journal.

If you’re interested in keeping track of your pregnancy experience, it’s essential to figure out which kind of journal will work best for you.

There are many different pregnancy journal ideas available. We’ve polled our incredible community to find out which options you love the most!

Here are your suggestions:

Guided Pregnancy Journals

Something you should know about me: I’m terrible when it comes to journaling! I love the idea of being someone who religiously keeps a journal, but when I sit down to a fresh, blank page, all thoughts go out the window.

If this situation sounds familiar, a guided pregnancy journal might be a great option!

With a guided journal, you’ll spend less time trying to decide whether you should include information on the outfit you were wearing when you first peed on a stick and more time mulling over compelling pregnancy journal prompts that are already provided for you.

Some of the most popular guided pregnancy journals available include:

Pearhead My Pregnancy Journal

This Pearhead product is the top-rated pregnancy journal on Amazon

Many soon-to-be moms boast about its gorgeous cover and full range of writing topics.

It’s also worth noting that this journal includes pockets that can hold additional documents, letters, and photos.

Studio Oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal

This adorable pregnancy journal covers all 40 weeks of pregnancy.

It includes tons of fill-in-the-blank questions and plenty of room for photos and handwritten notes.

Charmbooks Pregnancy Journal & Memory Book

Moms and gift-givers alike rave about this gorgeous journal.

Basically a scrapbook and a journal combined, you can take free notes, save photos, and jot down memories as prompted.

Pregnancy Planners

Many moms want pregnancy journals to  help them memorialize the experience, but others want a planner to help them stay organized. 

Check out our very own pregnancy planner, Expecting and Organized, to keep track of doctors appointments; plan for pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum; and feel confident and prepared for baby. 

Moms are calling it a “must have” that’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know!

Pregnancy Bullet Journal

Based on the teachings of Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling is a streamlined technique of staying organized and recording your everyday thoughts and experiences.

While many people use this note-taking style to record the typical comings and goings of their days, there’s no rule stating it can’t be used for a pregnancy journal, as well!

In fact, for soon-to-be moms who already use the bullet journaling technique, it will be an easy transition.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pregnancy bullet journal, the Erin Condren Designer Petite Planner – Pregnancy Journal is an ideal option.

It includes more than 80 pages of space to write about your pregnancy experiences, adorable stickers, and a compact size that will fit perfectly inside your purse.

Pregnancy Journal App

Are you a tech-savvy expectant mother who doesn’t have an interest in the paper-and-ink journaling experience?

We’ve got the perfect solution!

Why not consider taking your pregnancy experience into the digital age with a pregnancy journal app?

Not only do many of these platforms provide all the information you could want about what’s actually going on inside your body, but they also provide areas for you to input your thoughts, feelings, and memories about the experience.

We’ve talked to some of the amazing moms in our community to find out which pregnancy journal apps you all love to use. Here are their favorites:

280 Days Pregnancy Diary

This free app is a popular choice among soon-to-be moms and dads alike. It includes tons of great information about baby’s growth and mom’s condition, plus it has a diary feature for your personal records.

One reviewer even noted that when both parents are using the app, they can send each other sweet messages to help brighten their days throughout pregnancy. What’s not to love about that!


Pregnancy+ appears to be the gold standard of pregnancy journal app options. It’s been ranked as one of the Top 10 medical apps on the Apple Store and has earned over 40,000 reviews.

In addition to a journaling option, many users rave about this app’s valuable content, high-quality images, and belly photo upload feature!

What Should You Write About? Try These Pregnancy Journal Prompts!

Have you chosen a more minimalist approach for your pregnancy journal experience? Does a gorgeous, blank page appeal to you? You’re not alone. Many soon-to-be parents enjoy the creative freedom that comes with a blank pregnancy journal.

The problem, however, is that those empty pages beg to be filled.

But what happens when you can’t figure out what to write inside your pregnancy journal?

If you’re stumped on ideas and want a helping hand, why not look to this list of popular pregnancy journal prompts for inspiration?

  • Explain the moment you realized you were pregnant and how you reacted to the news.
  • What pregnancy cravings are you experiencing?
  • How did you find out your baby’s gender? Ultrasound, surprise at birth, gender reveal party?
  • Describe your baby shower.
  • Discuss planning and creating your baby’s nursery.
  • List potential baby names.
  • Write down a list of the things you want to do with your baby in the future.
  • What are the best/worst things about being pregnant?
  • Are there any parenting mistakes you want to avoid?

Don’t Forget to Consider a Journal for New Moms, Too!

While pregnancy is quite the event, the fun doesn’t stop after you finally give birth – in fact, some might say that’s when things really get interesting. Let’s be honest; everyone would say this.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience using a pregnancy journal, why not think about getting a journal for new moms, as well?

Whether freshly-minted parents gift themselves a parenting journal or it’s purchased for them as a new mom gift, a journal for new moms is a great way to capture all those sweet, messy, chaotic, and tender moments that come with having a child.

From baby’s first words to their first temper tantrum, you’ll appreciate having a personal record of baby’s first years.

The Good Times and the Bad: Keeping Track with a Pregnancy Journal

We understand the beauty and ugliness that can come with pregnancy.

Some moments might not seem so glamorous while they’re happening, but this doesn’t mean they’re not worth remembering.

If you want to secure these moments for the long haul, a pregnancy journal might be the best way to do it!

If you’ve used a pregnancy journal in the past, what types of pregnancy journal ideas do you have for someone just getting started?

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