Best Pregnancy Pillow

Between problems like hyperemesis and lightning crotch, plus the continual burgeoning of your belly, it’s no surprise that sleep often doesn’t come easy to expectant mothers. Thankfully, a new addition to your bedroom could make a world of difference. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about a pregnancy pillow!

Do You Have to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Let’s clear something up to start with – you don’t HAVE to use a pregnancy pillow if you don’t want to.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Maternity Pillow?

- Better overall comfort when trying to rest or sleep - Improved blood circulation - Reduced aches and pains -Longer and better quality sleep

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow vs. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge (Plus, Everything Else In Between)

As with most other baby and maternity-related items you end up buying, pregnancy pillows are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on what you think will work best for you, there are tons of different styles and options.

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

They’re also some of the more budget-friendly products. Most women use this type of maternity pillow by placing it under their stomachs to support the changing shape of their belly.

Full Body Pillow

This is essentially the same thing as a standard body pillow (just marketed towards pregnant women.) If you’re looking for support along your entire body, this could be a good option. The only problem is that these pillows can only support one side of your body at a time.

Total Body Pillows a.k.a C and U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

These are the most commonly purchased type of maternity pillows and provide full-body comfort. Where normal body pillows are only big enough for one side of your body, these products wrap around you to cover your left and right sides at the same time.

Bean-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

Bean pillows are shaped like, you guessed it, a bean. They’re much smaller than some of the other styles on this list, but they’re great for adding a little extra comfort to your back, belly, neck, or other areas.

Is There a Right Way to Use A Maternity Pillow?

While there are common ways most women use certain types of pregnancy pillows, there’s not a right or wrong way to do it. It’s essential to try out different positions with them to determine what works best for your body’s needs.

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