What Is a Rainbow Baby? Meaning, Definition, & Support

A rainbow baby is born after pregnancy or infant loss. The meaning of the term rainbow baby symbolizes the rainbow after the storm.

For many, the baby brings longed-for joy after the storm of loss.

Parents have conflicting feelings about the term “rainbow baby.” Many parents love the symbolism of a rainbow because they feel like it honors their fertility journey and the babies they lost.

The rainbow is a beautiful symbol from nature.

Rainbow Baby Meaning: Symbolism

A rainbow can only appear after rain, when the sun is beginning to shine.

There are many emotions that come up during pregnancy after loss. The experience is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Unexpected Emotions of a Rainbow Baby Pregnancy

Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Support

Support Groups for pregnancy after loss can be so helpful. You can find online support groups through The Miscarriage Doula and Your Pregnancy Haven.

By acknowledging your little love as a rainbow baby, you’re inherently remembering your angel baby, as well.

Celebrating Rainbow Babies and Honoring Past Losses

The first thing we need to do is understand that our concerns are valid, and then work through them to determine how best to announce our own rainbow pregnancies.

Rainbow Baby Announcements

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