Which Rainbow Baby Onesies are Right for Your Baby?


When loss parents experience a pregnancy after miscarriage, the journey can leave them worried and anxious. At the same time, though, the thought of bringing a new life into the world deserves celebration, which is where rainbow baby onesies come in!

What are Rainbow Baby Onesies?

A rainbow baby is any child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

Reasons You Might Want to Buy a Rainbow Baby Outfit for Girls or Boys

 In addition to just letting your dear rainbow baby rock them as a part of their day-to-day wardrobe, there are several special occasions they’d be perfect for, including the following.

What to Look for in Rainbow Baby Onesie for Boys or Girls

Beyond sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics, you’ll always want to find high-quality materials for baby’s sensitive skin. Some of the best fabrics for baby skin include linen, cotton, and fleece.

Gerber 8-Pack Bodysuits for Girls

A few of which feature a lovely rainbow design that’s ideal for your beautiful rainbow girl.

 Personalized Rainbow Onesie from Etsy

It features a pink color scheme that’s really unique. Whether you’re shopping for your baby or you’re searching for rainbow baby gifts, this is a win!

 I’m the Rainbow After the Storm Onesie

The concept of babies being the rainbow after a storm is the epitome of the “rainbow baby” idea. This adorable onesie for babies is the perfect representation of it.

This Kyte Baby Rainbow Onesie is an adorable choice for a rainbow baby onesie! In fact, this bodysuit style has more than 1,500 positive reviews!

Aloe Rainbow Bodysuit from Kyte Baby

Customizable Rainbow Baby Onesie for Boys

This customizable rainbow baby onesie is a great choice from Etsy! This style features gorgeous earthy tones that are sure to make you swoon. Add a little one’s name to make it the perfect rainbow baby gift.

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