Skin to Skin for Newborn Babies: Just How Beneficial Is It?

There is something so comforting about holding a newborn baby. Their scent, their softness, their tiny, delicate features… Taking in their whole being when you’re skin to skin is such a pleasure. 

Skin to skin contact is more widely discussed (and researched!) in the parenting community than ever before. This is particularly because it has such wonderful benefits for both parents.

You might assume that holding your baby close after delivery is merely to comfort them, love them, and safely welcome them into their big, new world.

Not only that, but skin contact with dad also allows fathers to bond with their newborns more closely. It also helps dads to become more connected to their new role as a parent.

Is Contact With Dad Just As Important?

In years past, the likelihood of being allowed to practice skin to skin after a cesarean birth was slim.

Can You Practice It if You Have a C-Section?

Can You Practice Skin to Skin with Premature Babies?

Not only can you enjoy skin to skin bonding with premature babies, but it’s also very encouraged.

 How Can I Practice This With Twins?!

Absolutely! You’ll just need to lay one baby onto each individual breast.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing dangerous about practicing skin-to-skin with your baby. That being said, you should exercise caution while doing it.

 Is it Safe?

If spending some extra time with your little one cuddled safely on your chest can present both mental and physical benefits for mom and baby, why not give it a try?

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