When to Announce a Pregnancy:  A Different Opinion

Here’s my unpopular opinion about when to announce a pregnancy. I don’t think you should wait until 12 weeks!

In fact, I don’t think you should follow any set rules at all. Because pregnancy is real and raw and scary.

When announcing a pregnancy, we love seeing people post graphics instead of more traditional pregnancy announcements, as they tend to be less triggering to friends experiencing infertility or miscarriage.

Many women choose to announce their pregnancies at or after 12 weeks because this when the risk of miscarriage drops significantly.

At this point, they’ve usually had an early pregnancy ultrasound scan, and the 12-week mark is when we’re traditionally told it’s safe to share the news.

Announcing to parents, immediate family, and close friends

Choosing when to share the news of your pregnancy different family members and close friends can be tricky due to relationship dynamics

Announcing at work is complicated for a number of reasons, but there are a few questions I encourage you to consider: What is the hierarchy of people you need to tell?

At work

If so, you can announce your pregnancy earlier so they’re prepared for that possibility and more likely to be able to grant you time off.

Will you want work to know if you miscarry?

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