The Best Bamboo Pajamas for the Whole Family

Bamboo cotton is an  eco-friendly material, but it also boasts a range of different benefits your family is sure to love. 

Thanks to its breathability and natural moisture-wicking characteristics, bamboo cotton pajamas are a great pick when you’re concerned about temperature management for yourself and your little one.

Hypoallergenic: Allergies are a significant concern for many people. Thankfully, though, bamboo cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic material.

They will keep your baby warm and cozy all night long, plus they feature a zipper closure for diaper changing convenience.

 Kyte Baby Zippered Footie Pajamas

If you’re looking for a daintier set of baby bamboo pajamas, their zipper ruffle footie is sure to pique your interest!

 Caden Lane Zipper Ruffle Bamboo Footie

 Little Sleepies Zip-Up Sleepers

This company has one of the most versatile collections of bamboo viscose zipper PJs, from Disney characters to robots, on the market.

Little Sleepies 2-Piece Pajamas Set for Kids

Whether your little one is into dinosaurs, ballerinas, or baby Yoda, there are many styles.

They’re made from genuine bamboo viscose material and are available for kids up to size 8.

Tank and Shorts Set from Peregrine Kidswear

Cozy Earth Button-Up Bamboo Pajamas for Women

Their moisture-wicking quality is perfect for postpartum night sweats, and the button-up top is ideal if you need some new nursing pajamas.

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