Postpartum Gifts

Are you wondering what to buy a new mom for herself? The best gifts for a new mom are not for the baby and are things she wouldn’t think to ask for.

As a relatively new mom who remembers the postpartum period far too vividly, I’ve compiled this ultimate list of the best gifts for a new mom.

Types of Gifts for a New Mom

Self Care Gifts – items that will help a stressed and exhausted new mom feel a little more loved and pampered. Learn more here about self care for new moms! Postpartum Support – gifts to help mom’s physical recovery.

Baby Care Support – presents to make her life with a new baby easier Time Saving Gifts – products and services that will save the busy new mom time and energy Gifts that Cost You Time, Not Money – ways to support a new mom without having to shell out dollars you don’t have

Mama & Baby Bundle from Solly Baby Solly Baby is hands down one of our favorite brands, and if you’re looking for a sweet and useful new mom care package that doesn’t focus too heavily on the gross aspects of postpartum, this is the perfect fit!

What to Buy a New Mom For Herself

Kyte Baby is famous for their extra soft baby pajamas, but most people don’t realize they make amazing options for moms, as well. Spoil your favorite new mama with a gorgeous, buttery soft robe.

Robe from Kyte Baby

Self-Care Gifts

Barefoot Dreams slippers She’s going to spend a lot of time at home, and it’s nice to be able to walk around comfortably. If they’re fuzzy with memory foam, even better!

Bodily Care for Birth Box

From mesh underwear to breast pods to a peri bottle and more, this gift has everything mama needs for her physical recovery. And best of all, it has a small, reader-friendly guidebook–perfect since most of us don’t actually know what we even need after birth!

Gifts that Cost You Time, Not Money

Show up and do something And while you’re there do something that you can imagine is on her to-do list. Don’t ask what you should do because her list is too long toeven know what to tell you. Just do it. Empty a diaper pail, take out the trash, do the dishes, do a load of laundry.

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Postpartum Must Haves

(a checklist of all the essentials you need for your after birth experience--the things no one likes to tell you about, like vaginal ice packs and hemorrhoid pads!)