18 Must-Read Books About Winter for Kids

Winter is here, and as you cozy up by the fire, it’s time for some great winter reads with your kiddos. There are so many amazing winter books for kids that show the magic of this season! Here are our 18 favorite books about winter for kids, from our resident mom and children’s literature expert, […]

Movies + Children’s Books About Moving To Help Families Deal

If you are facing a move with young children, first of all, I SYMPATHIZE. I wrote all about my experience moving with kids, and believe me, it’s HARD. Luckily, I have you covered. This list of tv shows, movies, and kids books about moving to a new city will make your move smoother. I’ve also […]

Why All Kids Need to Read Empowering Books: Feminist Books for Boys and Girls

We have an article on empowering books for girls, but we don’t want anyone to think that these books are only for girls. It’s essential that we read books about strong women to boys, too! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of feminist books for boys, made up of board books and picture books for […]

Moving with Kids: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Cope

We’ve talked previously about why we feel “mom guilt” and how we can overcome it. I often find myself battling bouts of mom guilt, and it was pretty intense when I went through the experience of moving with kids. Uprooting my then-2-year-old’s life as he knew it was so hard. So many parents wonder, “How […]

Empowering Books for Girls of All Ages

There are lots of great books that have been published in the last few years that feature smart, strong, interesting and diverse female characters. In this article, we learn about empowering books for girls of all ages that feature empowered women of the present day. First Published: October 9,2019… Last Updated: February 22, 2020 Also […]

How To Choose The Best Children’s Books About Diversity

Did you know there were more NON-HUMAN main characters in children’s books last year than characters from MINORITY groups? Outrageous! Learn from Rebekah Fitzsimmons, PhD, why diversity matters & how to choose diverse children's books. Plus our favorite recommendations!