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Newly Pregnant? 70+ Weird Pregnancy Symptoms You May Notice

This site contains affiliate links, meaning that we earn a small commission for purchases made through our site. We only recommend products we personally use, love, or have thoroughly vetted. We’ve all heard about the most common signs you’re pregnant – the throwing up and missed periods, for example. But what about the other oddities? […]

Show Off Your Bump With Our Top 25 Maternity Shoot Outfits!

When many of us mamas plan our pregnancy photo sessions, we’ll start searching for the perfect ensemble to showcase our beautiful baby bumps. If you’re shopping for gorgeous maternity shoot outfits, we can help! From maternity photoshoot dresses to belly-baring 2-piece sets, there are plenty of attractive options to pick from. The most important piece […]

30 Eye-Catching Maternity Shoot Poses to Celebrate Your Bump

In addition to buying diapers and writing a birth plan, taking pregnancy photos is a common addition to many “getting ready for baby” checklists. After all, who doesn’t want a gorgeous photographic record of mom’s belly? One thing that you probably don’t anticipate is figuring out which maternity shoot poses will create gorgeous photo shoot […]

Putting Together the Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket

From goodies and treats to postpartum essentials, there are plenty of things that most of us would love to have during those first few weeks of parenthood. That’s why one of my favorite gift ideas after childbirth is new mom gift baskets.  Instead of buying parents a single item after the birth of their newborn, […]

Stylish & Comfortable Maternity Swimsuits for Baby Bumps

Dressing your baby bump is a highlight for many expectant moms. Aside from just picking out cute dresses and shirts, though, choosing the right maternity swimsuits for your growing body is also necessary. While shopping for a bathing suit can be daunting under normal conditions, figuring out the right style for your expanding belly can […]

Morning Sickness Treatments: At-Home Remedies You Can Trust

So, you’ve peed on a stick, gotten a positive pregnancy test, and are excitedly awaiting your baby’s arrival–yay!! Before your first trimester ends, you’ll likely be hunting for morning sickness treatments, too. Boo. An upset stomach is a common and frustrating early sign of pregnancy for around 70% of expectant mamas. In addition to annoyances […]

Morning Sickness Symptoms: It’s More Than Just Nausea

Early pregnancy comes with a wide range of irritating ailments and signs. There’s breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, and so much more. No matter how prevalent these other issues are,  none of them have earned the same level of infamy as morning sickness symptoms. Blech! From the moment my first blood pregnancy test came up […]