Britt’s Birth Story: Lessons On Healing From A Traumatic Birth

Birth is a beautiful, unpredictable experience with the power to shape you in ways you can’t fully control or anticipate.  Sometimes healing from birth isn’t as straightforward as bed rest, padsicles, and spritzing your perineum. Sometimes birth injuries go a little deeper. Today, I’m sharing the full story of my traumatic birth for the first […]

Finding Comfortable Postpartum Pajamas for the Hospital

Generally speaking, the words “comfortable” and “cozy” don’t really have a place in a healthcare setting, especially right after you give birth. However, what might surprise some new moms is that buying the right postpartum pajamas for the hospital can actually make a difference in how comfortable you are. Given that you’ve just pushed something […]

The 10 Most Trusted Sleep Sacks for Babies

When many of us were children, we went to bed at night in a crib full of fabric bumpers, cozy blankets, and loads of stuffies. Now, sleeping safety guidelines for infants have undergone a significant transition.  This is why so many of us end up adding sleep sacks for babies to our registries.  Sleep sacks […]