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Is it Time to Have a Baby? When to Go to the Hospital for Labor

So, you’re finished with your “getting ready for baby” checklist, and you’ve packed your hospital bag for mom! Well, what happens next? You’re probably wondering when to go to the... Read More

Why Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality Make Patient Empowerment Essential for Black Mothers

Have you ever been in a medical situation where you wish you’d known how to advocate for yourself? Speak up? Be heard? This is why patient empowerment is so important.... Read More

Rachel’s Pandemic Birth Story

I hate being pregnant. I had my first child at age 33 via labor induction, which ultimately led to 22 hours of labor, 2 of which were spent pushing, only... Read More

Guide to Induction at 37 Weeks: Everything You Need to Know

I was 36 1/2 weeks pregnant when I found out I’d have an induced labor at 37 weeks. It was a Wednesday, and my high risk specialist confirmed a preeclampsia... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About How to Write a Birth Plan

So much about bringing a child into the world feels uncontrollable, so we’re all about learning to control what you can. Writing a birth plan gives you a little of... Read More

Giving Birth Alone at The Hospital Is Many Women’s New Reality

Pregnant women currently face a lot of scary possibilities, including limited family members meeting their babies, and even giving birth alone. ... Read More

Tessa’s Water Birth Went Nothing Like Planned, but It Was Perfect

Is giving birth in water safe? Does water birth reduce tearing? No need for water birth reviews. Here’s Tessa’s real-life water birth experience.... Read More

6 Benefits of Natural Birth You Probably Haven’t Considered

The benefits of natural birth are on the mind of any woman preparing to bring a child in the world. It’s easy to get scared away from an unmedicated birth,... Read More

Painful Sex After Episiotomy: Lifelong Scars from a Traumatic Birth Story

Birth stories often fall into two categories: lovely and full of warmth and downright horrifying. In fact, we’ve published several birth stories that run the gamut from joyful to petrifying.... Read More

Maternal Mortality in the US: We Haven’t Come As Far As We Think

What is maternal mortality? The CDC defines “pregnancy related deaths,” often referred to as “maternal mortality,” as “the death of a woman while pregnant or within 1 year of the... Read More