We Need To Talk About Sperm Health & Its Role In Fertility

When I was in college, the National Council on Folic Acid (yes, that’s a real thing) started a major campaign on university campuses. The goal? To get young women to start folic acid supplementation well before they were interested in trying to conceive.  This campaign was specifically geared toward reducing neural tube defects in babies, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Anovulation

When we feel like our reproductive organs have very specific jobs they’re supposed to do, it can feel really frustrating when things don’t seem to be working “properly.” Painful or inconsistent cycles, irregular bleeding, and anovulation are just a few of the things our bodies can do that leave us scratching our heads, irritated that […]

Fact vs. Fiction: The Truth About Perimenopause and Fertility

Tick, tick, tick–the loudness of our biological clocks can be suffocating, can’t it? Especially since many of us spend a decent part of our lives trying not to get pregnant.  It’s not necessarily a matter of not wanting children one day. It’s about waiting for the right moment instead of letting our reproductive viability control […]