Wanna feel seen, mama, as we unravel the unspoken truths of motherhood?

A woman holding a smartphone displaying the podcast 'Undefining Motherhood with Katy Huie Harrison, PhD' on the screen. The podcast's logo, featuring abstract figures of a parent and child in orange and blue, is visible. Below the logo, the screen shows a recent episode titled 'How to Avoid Mom Burnout by Rebalancing the Load at Home, with New York Times Bestselling Author.' The podcast is categorized under 'Parenting' and is updated weekly. The woman is wearing a vibrant red top, and only their torso and hands are visible in the frame.

We believe in the power of shared stories and the strength that comes from knowing you’re not alone in your journey. Each episode promises to delve into the complexities of motherhood with honesty, empathy, and, occasionally, a good dose of humor.

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On Undefining Motherhood, we bring you candid conversations that delve into the heart of how motherhood has been defined for centuries–and why the ideals expected of moms are simply unrealistic. And of course, and we seek to unravel those expectations.

Marrying lived experience with history, research, and deep thought, our podcast takes hard but important subjects and bring them to you in a way that’s refreshingly approachable. Just two friends, chatting over coffee, having honest, unfiltered conversations about the joys, challenges, and realities of being and becoming a mother.

Host Katy Huie Harrison and co-host Sarah Creel hold nothing back in these tough conversations, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

In a cozy podcasting setup for Undefining Motherhood, host Katy Huie Harrison and co-host Sarah Creel engage in conversation. They sit in comfortable white armchairs, separated by a wooden table, against a backdrop of green leafy wallpaper. A decorative blue headphone art piece hangs on the wall, adding a touch of podcasting theme to the decor.

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