Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Breastfeeding Station

As a nursing mom, I sometimes felt like my days consisted of nothing more than whipping out my boobs for another feed. Then, once our little one was nursing, I’d be stuck in the same position for long chunks of time until she’d gotten her fill. Thank goodness one of my friends suggested I design […]

How to Manage Overactive Letdown While Breastfeeding

If breastfeeding leaves you with a screeching baby who is mad because you sprayed milk all over their face like a firehose (again), you may have what’s called “overactive letdown.”  While it sounds good to know that you’re releasing a lot of milk, it can lead to a fussy, gassy baby and breast milk all […]

Breast Milk Oversupply: What It Is and What to Do About It

Some people may think it’s great to have extra breast milk, but they don’t understand what it’s like to overproduce and have constantly sore boobs (plus a gassy, screaming baby, clogged ducts, mastitis, all that jazz).  If you’re dealing with an oversupply of breastmilk, you know how frustrating (and painful!) it can be for both […]

Nursing Newborns On the Go: Using Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding

The chores and work don’t stop just because you’re a breastfeeding mom. Since you’ll have to spend a decent amount of time nursing, why not put on your multi-tasking hat and find ways to do more than one thing at a time by putting your baby in a baby carrier for breastfeeding? We’ll tell you […]

What to do with Breast Milk Instead of Dumping it: 22 Awesome Ideas

Have I ever mentioned how insane I was about my breast milk? I’m sure you’ll agree that hard-earned breast milk is the equivalent of liquid gold, and I treated it as such. I was that person who was bound and determined to use every last drop for SOMETHING and would quite literally cry over spilled […]

Pumping at Work: Tips for the Working Mama

When I first started thinking about the realities of having a baby, I often wondered how I would balance my dream of being a writer and researcher with my dream of having a child. Would I breastfeed during maternity leave and then have to stop? Would pumping at work even be an option?  Basically, I […]

30+ Delicious & Healthy Breastfeeding Snacks for Nursing Mamas

In 2018, Forbes Magazine’s conservative estimate that breastfeeding mamas spend approximately 1,800 hours in a single year nursing their little ones floored pretty much everyone. That’s 1,800 hours you’re stuck under a nursing baby wishing you hadn’t forgotten to charge your phone or bring a bunch of breastfeeding snacks with you. Spending time bonding with […]

Which Nursing Pillows Are Best for You and Your Baby?

When I was younger, I assumed a successful breastfeeding experience required nothing more than boobs and a baby.  And since I had a perfectly acceptable set of arms to cradle my little darling, I never assumed that nursing pillows would be something I should include on my baby registry must-haves list. I just figured I’d […]

How to Survive Cluster Feeding When Baby Is Hungry NON-Stop

I don’t think I was naive about breastfeeding our daughter. I knew it would take time to figure out, and I accepted that the process wouldn’t always be easy. What I didn’t prepare for, however, was the near-mental breakdown I’d experienced when she started cluster feeding.  Okay, a mental breakdown is slightly dramatic and exaggerated, […]