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Finding Comfortable Postpartum Pajamas for the Hospital

Generally speaking, the words “comfortable” and “cozy” don’t really have a place in a healthcare setting, especially right after you give birth. However, what might surprise some new moms is that buying the right postpartum pajamas for the hospital can actually make a difference in how comfortable you are. Given that you’ve just pushed something […]

Choosing the Right Nursing Bras for Your Body

When you get pregnant, you pretty much understand that you’ll be shelling out some cash for new clothes to fit your expanding (yay!) body. For example, we all know the day will come when you start wondering when you need to buy maternity clothes? However, many of us forget that if you’re planning on breastfeeding, […]

Our Top 13 Essential Breastfeeding Supplies and Freebies!

When it comes to breastfeeding supplies, one might assume the only thing you need is…well, a pair of boobs. But there’s more involved than you might think. From the clothes you wear to the pump you choose, picking the right types of nursing supplies can make or break your breastfeeding experience.  I remember my first […]

The Best Breastfeeding Snacks for Your Postpartum Body

Whether you’re preparing a postpartum recovery to-do list for yourself, or you’re putting together a new mom survival kit for a friend, be sure to add breastfeeding snacks to your shopping cart.  Trust us when we say a nursing mother’s postpartum body relies on a whole lot of snacking.  When I was pregnant with my […]

Pace Feeding Baby: Everything You Need to Know

Something I wasn’t expecting about becoming a nursing mother is the number of “rules” you have to follow. Along with guidelines about how often you should nurse and what position you should nurse in, there are also mandates about how you should give them a bottle! This is called “pace feeding” baby. I wrongly assumed […]

How to Increase Breastmilk Supply: Tips from a Professional

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to increase breastmilk supply. And while that can be a legitimate question and problem, most of the time it actually isn’t. When we talk about milk supply, we often talk about “perceived insufficient milk supply” (PIMS), as many women don’t believe they’re producing enough milk to adequately feed […]

Why Aren’t We Talking About Post-Weaning Depression More?

For the first fourteen months of my daughter’s life, we shared a picture-perfect nursing relationship. She latched well, ate well, and, eventually, weaned well. With such a great experience behind us, I felt proud of our breastfeeding journey. But that’s also exactly when the post-weaning depression kicked in. A couple of weeks after weaning entirely, […]