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Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

With thousands of new books being published each day, kids and adults alike often rely on recommendations to choosing those that best meet their reading needs.

Undefining Motherhood was founded by Katy Huie Harrison, who has a Ph.D. in English Literature, and its editor and many of its writers also have higher-level English degrees. Needless to say, we care about books here.

That’s why we devote so much time to providing you with book recommendations for all types of subjects and ages. Our book recommendations are expert-recommended, usually meant to either help with childhood development, social awareness, or women’s health issues.

Kids and Children’s Books

Reading is very important in early childhood development. It’s a fundamental skill that they can begin learning as a few months old.

Benefits of Reading Kids Books to Your Children

Studies show that reading with children as early as infancy can have positive effects on their reading capabilities. Before they go to elementary school, children with an early experience with reading have better vocabulary and reading skills.

More good news—frequent readers are more empathetic and kinder to other human beings. Imagine raising a child that has an understanding of children who are different than them and also show empathy towards others.

A variety of book topics can encourage your kids to learn more about diversity, creativity, and education. Adolescent books are a great way to introduce your children to these topics.

 Here, you can learn more about our favorite recommended children’s books.

Top Book Recommendations for Children

Books About Women’s Health

Prioritizing and understanding health can be quite the journey, particularly for women. In a way, books encourage community, especially if we’re navigating through difficult health challenges. We are happy to hear your book recommendations as well.

Tops Recommendations for Women’s Health

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