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13 Educational Toys for Babies that Parents Love, Too

You might not think newborns and infants have any use for toys, but you’d be shocked by how much they enjoy them and can learn from them – especially when you buy suitable educational toys for babies! It’s easy to think, “Nope, there’s no way I’m buying my six-month-old a bunch of toys,” but you […]

What are Montessori Toys? Demystifying Montessori Materials for the Curious Parent

We’ve touched on many Montessori topics here at Undefining Motherhood, but today we’re unraveling one of Montessori’s greatest mysteries.  The Montessori toy is both simple and complex, somehow unlocking even the youngest child’s natural desire for intense focus and learning. Yet, there is no official standard or authoritative list of these toys anywhere.  What’s the […]

Child-Centered Educational Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers

When we think about educational toys for 1-year-old toddlers, it’s critical that we also consider the whopping number of milestones and skills children achieve in this one short year.  Between 12 months to 24 months, a child’s brain is expanding with connections that help them piece together their world. It is a time of curiosity, […]