What to Eat After a C-Section: 10 Foods to Support Recovery

The Cheat Sheet: 10 Foods to Support Your C-Section Healing My Postpartum Nutrition Journey There is a lot of information out there about eating healthy during pregnancy, and with the exception of a few too many bowls of Fruity Pebbles, I think I did a pretty good job of making nutrition a priority. I limited […]

Why We Love Postpartum Meal Delivery Services

Lately I’ve been thinking about the sheer amount of preparation that goes into bringing a baby home. You’ve got the nursery (mostly) ready, the hospital bag checklist marked off, and you have more tiny baby clothes than you’ll need in a lifetime. But what about YOU, mama? Are you ready to take care of yourself […]

Caring for Your C-Section Scar: Tips and Insights for a Smooth Recovery

When we embark on the journey of motherhood, we imagine the joy of holding our baby for the first time, the precious moments of bonding, and the adventures that await. What we often don’t anticipate, however, are the unexpected twists and turns along the way. For some, like me, this journey involves a C-section and […]

5 Best Postpartum Compression Leggings To Support Your Belly

Have you heard of postpartum compression garments like leggings, belly bands, or corsets? They’re all the rage right now, as new moms try to find a way to support their changing bodies and get their bellies looking and feeling like they used to. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to […]

What Are Baby Blues: Understanding Your Emotions After a New Baby

Picture this: you’re holding your new baby in the first couple of days after birth, and tears begin to fall. You have no idea why this is happening because nothing is technically wrong.  While it would be easy to brush them off as “happy tears” that you just don’t quite understand, this isn’t always true. […]

Plan for Your Postpartum Period by Meal Prepping Before Baby

Having a new baby is a whirlwind of cuddles, diaper changes, emotions, and exhaustion– the last thing on most of our minds is figuring out what to make for dinner! After all, if you’re anything like me, planning meals is hard enough normally; throw a newborn into the mix, and it can seem downright impossible. […]

Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula to Help After Childbirth?

What if I told you there was a way to receive hands-on care for yourself, your newborn, and the rest of the family after childbirth? All it takes is answering a simple question: should you hire a postpartum doula? The first days of new parenthood are a bittersweet blend of love, excitement, exhaustion, and often […]

How to Build a Postpartum Recovery Kit

Making the lists and checking them twice, but not in a holiday way? Expecting parents have so many lists to check off and bags to pack, and I’m here to encourage you to include this really important one: a postpartum care kit. When I was pregnant with Jack, all my friends from college were having […]

Your Shopping Guide for Bamboo Pajamas Women Will Love

Finding one single type of clothing that can benefit you at all different phases of your life might seem strange. But if you start wearing bamboo pajamas for women that’s precisely what you’ll get! Here’s the deal: organic bamboo cotton PJs are more than just a comfortable sleepwear option. They also boast a range of […]