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Postpartum Must Haves: The Ultimate Recovery Kit for Mom

When I was about to deliver for the first time, a friend who is an OBGYN and was also a new mom sent me a list of postpartum must haves.... Read More

New Mom Care Package Ideas for the MOST Useful Gifts

These unique gift ideas will help you build the most thoughtful new mom care packages. Don’t miss a single item creating your new mom survival kit!... Read More

9 Postpartum Leggings Moms Can’t Stop Raving About

According to our editor, I am the undisputed “queen of leggings.” And she’s not wrong! I will own that title with beaming pride. My legs are one of my best... Read More

Best Postpartum Swimsuits to Help New Moms Love Pool Days

Summer is fully upon us, and most of us are trying to spend lots of time outdoors since that’s where we’re told it’s safest to socialize. But I’ve had lots... Read More

Knowing the Signs of Postpartum Anxiety Saved My Life

This is not about “normal" emotions after giving birth, but a serious mental health issue. We must try to understand dealing with postpartum anxiety.... Read More

Dear Everyone, Let’s Be Honest About the Postpartum Experience

Let’s just be honest here, y’all. Even if you had an “easy” birthing experience (I use quotes because, does such a thing really exist?), the postpartum experience is a beast.... Read More

13 Best Postpartum Pajamas for New Mamas

Postpartum recovery can be really uncomfortable. Your body will be SORE. One way to remain as comfortable as possible is with postpartum pajamas. Learn about our favorites!... Read More

Postpartum Body: What No One Tells You

Most of us have strong feelings about our postpartum bodies. Some love them, more hate them, many are in awe of them. Above all, most of us can't believe how... Read More

How to Overcome Postpartum Body Image Challenges

Negative body image is a major postpartum problem. Let's flip our mindset. Instead of wanting “our bodies" back, let's be in awe of all they have done.... Read More