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Miscarriage Stories

Miscarriage stories are important for women grieving pregnancy loss because they remind us that we aren’t alone. When I was struggling through recurrent miscarriage, I scoured the internet for stories like mine.

Our Top Miscarriage Stories

  1. Beth’s ectopic pregnancy story
  2. Whitney’s story of back-to-back miscarriages
  3. Arden’s misoprostol experience

Here, we share all types of miscarriage experiences, including early and late miscarriage stories.

Here is everything you need to find to feel less alone during your experience.

Why Are Miscarriage Stories Important?

Despite the fact that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss, most women report feeling lonely during their miscarriage experiences. 

There are many efforts underway to encourage women to talk about miscarriage and help them feel less isolated when they experience miscarriage. Undefining Motherhood is certainly one of them. The Instagram movement #ihadamiscarriage, launched by miscarriage survivor and psychologist Dr. Jessica Zucker, is another.

But these movements are relatively recent, so for centuries, most women have been unaware of how common their experiences with miscarriage were.

When I first spoke out about my experience with recurrent miscarriage, people came out of the woodwork with messages of solidary and appreciation for openly sharing.

“Me too!” women seemed to shout, as if they’d been desperately awaiting an opportunity to tell someone, anyone, that they’d had a miscarriage.

They wanted a sense of community.

They wanted to feel less alone.

We share miscarriage stories to provide exactly that sense of community.

There are very few things in this world that have happened literally since the beginning of time, but pregnancy loss is among them. For as long as humans have been procreating, women have been experiencing miscarriage.

If you’re part of the 1 in 4, then you’re part of an evolutionary sisterhood that spans more centuries and generations than our minds can imagine.

You are not alone.

Early Miscarriage Stories

One of the hardest parts of having an early miscarriage is that people don’t always take them as seriously as they should.

“At least you weren’t further along” is a common response to an early loss, and it usually leaves women hurt and kind of wanting to punch whoever said it in the face. 

The fact is, early miscarriages still involve losing an entire life you’d imagined, and it’s a heartbreaking experience. 

For the purposes of sharing here, we’re designating any first trimester miscarriage as an “early miscarriage.” In other words, these are losses that occurred before the woman was 14 weeks pregnant.

But please know these designations are arbitrary. They’re meant to help you find the experiences that best suit you, and in no way indicate how you should feel about your miscarriage experience. 

Read some of our early miscarriage stories to be reminded that you’re not alone, and that your feelings are valid. 

Late Miscarriage Stories

Late miscarriage stories are often those of difficult decisions and extreme heartache. There are a number of reasons a woman would experience a late miscarriage (which we categorize as any time during the second trimester.) 

One common cause is a chromosomal abnormality in the baby that makes the child incompatible with life. Others include fetal heart and brain defects, blood clotting disorders, placental problems, intrauterine growth restriction, incompetent cervix (we HATE that phrase, but that’s what it’s called), et cetera.

Read some of our late miscarriage stories to understand the heartbreak and tough choices these mamas have to make. 

Share Your Miscarriage Experience

As you can see, there are so many different types of miscarriage story. And we’ve only scratched the surface. We’ll continue to add them to Undefining Motherhood to provide you with the stories you need to understand what to expect when miscarrying, and to feel like you’re not alone.

If you’d like to submit your own miscarriage story for consideration at Undefining Motherhood, apply to write for Undefining Motherhood here.

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