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The Universal Realm of Motherhood: Why We Must Help Haiti NOW

It’s a relatively cool day for a tropical climate. A lovely, comfortable 78 degrees. But in Madaline’s small, cinder block home, the mood of its inhabitants in no way reflects... Read More

How to Travel with a Toddler Without Losing Your Mind

Traveling with your littles can be such a rewarding experience. ⁣It can also make you want to pull your hair out. An avid traveler, I'm giving some of my best... Read More

Confession Time: Places Made for Kids are the Worst

Am I alone in this? Do you secretly hate these places too? Do I walk into these massive spaces filled with people acting like they're enjoying time with their kids,... Read More

It Takes a Village, and I Want My Son’s to Be Italian

The saying–it takes a village to raise a child–is beyond cliche, but if there’s anything new parenthood teaches you, it’s that it speaks truth. Or, if it doesn’t, it’s likely... Read More