Hi! I’m Katy Huie Harrison, PhD. You can call me Katy.

I’m an author, storyteller, and mama to Jack, a spunky little toddler who will grow up learning all about his 4 older siblings in Heaven.

I Was a Mother Before Anyone Else Thought So

I lost 4 pregnancies before finally having Jack, and I considered myself a mother from the day I saw 2 pink lines on a pregnancy test.

I’ve learned that not everyone shares that idea, and I think it’s a shame. If you don’t feel like a mother, that’s cool. But if you do, you are one to me, mama.

My Life

I live in Atlanta with my husband, son, and dog. I love life, but I think we can always work to make ourselves, and our lives, better. My goal is always to make your life better, however I can.

My Background

I have a PhD in English Literature. As I was writing my doctoral dissertation on Victorian motherhood, I noticed something weird. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution in England, print materials proliferated and literacy rates rose. Suddenly, women were BOMBARDED with all this advice–telling them how to live, how not to live, to become mothers, and especially, HOW to be mothers.

And are you ready for the serious BS? Almost all of that advice was written by men!

And almost all of it conflicted. There was no way to win.

Sound familiar? It hit me that this sounds a lot like today. Between pop culture, TV, books, newspapers, magazines, mom blogs, and more, we feel these same pressures as women and mothers today. Not as much has changed in the past 200 years as we’d like.

My Mission

So we’re left with 2 options.

  • Shrug our shoulders and say, “It is what it is”
  • Fight for better!

I’m in all for option 2!

My goal is to be a paradigm shifter. I get one lifetime in which I can work to change the narratives that impact women’s lives! And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

My Work

Check out my work on Undefining Motherhood and elsewhere.

Here’s are some of my favorites.

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