The Best Montessori Toys for 1 Year Olds By Developmental Milestone

Do you love the child-centered Montessori approach to learning, but don’t know what Montessori toys will actually engage your wiggly and wild 1 year old?  One year olds are busy working on gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, object permanence, problem-solving, and even language development. Choosing the right toy at the right time to […]

Exercise During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

Whether you’re a marathoner, a weekend warrior, or simply trying to get a minimum 30 minutes of daily physical activity, we’ve done a ton of research on the advantages of exercise during pregnancy for you, your baby, and maybe even your grandchildren (more about that later!). Mothers who exercise during pregnancy are at lower risk […]

Financial Wellness For New Parents: How Much To Save For Baby and Beyond

I wish I could tell you that family financial well-being was as simple as knowing how much to save for baby gear or finding affordable childcare, but with a little time and attention, it can totally transform those early years of parenting. Among new parents, over half regret not making critical financial changes during their […]

Baby on a Budget: A Frugal Mom’s Tips for Enjoying Your Baby’s First Year

With the price of baby goods on the rise, having a baby on a budget seems like an impossible task, but parents who avoid confronting these expenses are at risk of greater stress and anxiety. Taking charge of your baby budget and staying on track is not only a major confidence boost, but financial mastery […]

Minimalist Newborn Essentials: Everything You Need For The First 3 Months

As a new mom, I spent hours searching and researching the perfect newborn baby gear from the ideal bottle to the best rug for a baby nursery. Rather than focus on minimalist newborn essentials, I spent ages hunched over my laptop spending way too much money on things that would ultimately sit and collect dust […]

Britt’s Birth Story: Lessons On Healing From A Traumatic Birth

Birth is a beautiful, unpredictable experience with the power to shape you in ways you can’t fully control or anticipate.  Sometimes healing from birth isn’t as straightforward as bed rest, padsicles, and spritzing your perineum. Sometimes birth injuries go a little deeper. Today, I’m sharing the full story of my traumatic birth for the first […]

When a Montessori Family Hits the Road: The Best Montessori Toys for Travel

Nothing fills a parent’s mind with more dread than the unexpected tantrums and embarrassing outbursts of a young child on vacation. What if they scream through our fancy dinner? What if they refuse to sit still? It’s the stuff of nightmares! Being prepared is the best antidote for parent travel anxiety. Our well-traveled family learned […]

Songs for Toddlers: 10 Spotify Playlists for Littles

You probably know that music is awesome for kids, but did you know that music promotes language development, builds emotional intelligence, and adds some zest to your child’s everyday routine? Singing songs or playing music even assists children in transitioning from one activity to the next.  I’ve seen it in action at my son’s school. […]