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Britt’s Birth Story: Lessons On Healing From A Traumatic Birth

Birth is a beautiful, unpredictable experience with the power to shape you in ways you can’t fully control or anticipate.  Sometimes healing from birth isn’t as straightforward as bed rest, padsicles, and spritzing your perineum. Sometimes birth injuries go a little deeper. Today, I’m sharing the full story of my traumatic birth for the first […]

Songs for Toddlers: 10 Spotify Playlists for Littles

You probably know that music is awesome for kids, but did you know that music promotes language development, builds emotional intelligence, and adds some zest to your child’s everyday routine? Singing songs or playing music even assists children in transitioning from one activity to the next.  I’ve seen it in action at my son’s school. […]

Montessori Reading Activities: A Zero Stress Method To Teach Your Child To Read

The Montessori method is a time-tested approach to teaching early reading. It’s both highly effective and fully supportive of a child’s individual learning style. Current research confirms the key to reading independently is systematic exposure to phonics or letter sounds. Dr. Montessori, founder of the Montessori method, discovered this truth over a hundred years ago! […]