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How to Support Your Postpartum Belly

As a young, naive girl, I assumed that the belly disappears and returns to normal once you have a baby. Imagine my surprise when the first of my friends popped out a beautiful baby girl, and her postpartum belly closely resembled a 6-months pregnant belly (which is TOTALLY normal, btw).  Here’s the thing they don’t […]

Why Aren’t We Talking About Post-Weaning Depression More?

For the first fourteen months of my daughter’s life, we shared a picture-perfect nursing relationship. She latched well, ate well, and, eventually, weaned well. With such a great experience behind us, I felt proud of our breastfeeding journey. But that’s also exactly when the post-weaning depression kicked in. A couple of weeks after weaning entirely, […]

Progesterone and Pregnancy: How Does One Affect the Other?

As we begin fertility testing and start examining our infertility treatment options, we’re likely to confront a kaleidoscope of new jargon, acronyms, and subject matters. Information on how progesterone and pregnancy go together is sure to be one of these things.    It’s funny to think back to my first experiences with infertility. While I understood […]