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The Top 8 Best Breast Pumps of 2021!

After I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, one of the first significant parenting decisions I made was to breastfeed, which quickly lead me to wonder about the best breast pumps out there.  Once I had in my head that I wanted to nurse my baby, I set out to learn everything […]

The 5 Best Maternity Underwear Options of 2021

I’m the kind of girl who loves any excuse to buy some new clothes. Whether it’s a family vacation or a nice dinner out, I’m bound to come up with some ill-conceived reason why nothing currently in my closet will work. Imagine my delight when I got pregnant and discovered that not only would I […]

Reclaim Your Power to Poop with Pregnancy Constipation Remedies!

Whether you’re 6 weeks pregnant or heading into your final trimester, carrying a baby comes with a vast collection of, well, not so glamorous side effects.  From hyperemesis to lightning crotch, most women experience at least one or two pregnancy symptoms that are less than enjoyable.  Constipation while pregnant, for example, can be one of […]

The 12 Best Educational Apps for Kids

While the thought of only allowing our children to play with adorable Montessori toys for babies and kids is nice, the reality of the situation is that they’re probably bound to end up on a phone or tablet at some point.  I’m a prime example. Before I had kids, you know back when I was […]

Tips and Tricks to Help with Postpartum Incontinence

A few weeks ago, I was watching a video by the hilarious Laura Clery. In it, she discusses all the random things you hear pregnant women bring up in conversation while carrying their babies. While she covers a range of wild topics, such as nipple pain, lightning crotch, and figuring out how to choose a […]

What Does Fertile Window MEAN?! 8 Questions About Fertility Answered

Do you ever have those moments where you start to really think about a phrase or idea that you’ve heard before, and you suddenly realize you have no idea what it means? More so, you’re clueless about how this particular sentiment relates to your unique situation. Take the phrase “fertility window,” for example. Many of […]

What’s Going on at 6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and Impact

As someone who experienced the pitfalls of infertility firsthand, when I finally became pregnant, I found myself waiting for that moment when I would actually “feel” pregnant. Sure, I’d received positive results during my BETA tests and had begun to experience the gestational fatigue so many of us expectant mothers have come to know and […]

Which Fertility Supplements Can You Trust? Everything You Need to Know

As someone who frequently struggles with a bad case of medical anxiety directly related to taking prescription drugs, I’m continually searching for more natural ways to treat my various ailments or needs. That’s why when it came to treating my infertility, I started the search for whatever fertility supplements would help organically improve my chances […]