Need a Break from TTC? Check Out These Great Books About Infertility

Given my deep-rooted appreciation for books, I have found myself turning to them in a multitude of different ways throughout my life, including when I was hoping to conceive and struggling with PCOS infertility. That’s why we want to recommend the best fertility books out there. I was amazed to learn that there is an […]

How to Increase Chances of Implantation: Fact vs. Fiction

When trying to conceive, we often get frustrated and wonder what we’re doing wrong when we don’t get pregnant as quickly as we’d hoped. We want to do everything right. So we read all the TTC tips and research the best ways to track ovulation. Then you pass your ovulation window, and you feel a […]

Your Guide to the Best Foods to Eat for Fertility

It’s not unusual for people to try all manners of different infertility treatment options to fix their conception woes. From acupuncture to fertility drugs to learning how to help implantation, there are abundant possibilities to improve fertility. One common lifestyle change people make, perhaps because it’s so heavily in their control, is dietary changes. Many […]

5 Ways to Show Support for Infertility Awareness Month 2024

When my husband and I decided we were ready to grow a family, we went into the experience armed with the knowledge that we’d need fertility treatments, no matter what. What we didn’t know was that there was an actual, concerted effort to honor Infertility Awareness Month! We knew that our journey to pregnancy would […]

Understanding Your Fertility by Age 35 and Beyond

Before our fertility journey even began, my husband and I knew that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was in our future. A not-so-delightful combination of PCOS (me) and a complete spinal cord injury (him) made the possibility of natural conception a near impossibility. Knowing this, we had the opportunity to plan. We understood that getting pregnant […]

Is Secondary Infertility the Reason You’re Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?

When you have a baby with relative ease the first time, it’s easy to assume it will always be that way. Most people don’t even know that secondary infertility can be a problem, but when it happens, it’s heartbreaking. What do you do when, suddenly, conceiving or carrying a pregnancy doesn’t come so easily?  You […]

IVF and Pineapple: What Do These Two Things Have to Do With One Another?

Throughout a parent’s journey to conceive a baby despite infertility, one thing is for certain. The tribe of fellow parents (or hopeful parents) going through the same process is one that’s full of love, optimism, and dedication. It seems only natural that this community would find a symbol to recognize their strength, hope, and perseverance. […]

Which Infertility Treatment Options are Best for Women & Men?

When it comes to getting pregnant, most couples (approximately 85%) will conceive within the first year of trying – often during the first several months of trying. But it isn’t always that easy. After the year marker has passed, the likelihood of conception without fertility treatment drops to a mere 7%. For families who don’t […]

This is Infertility

There was a time, not too long ago, when getting/staying pregnant would have never entered my mind. Fast forward through 18 months of trying and two miscarriages, and it’s now something I think about all the time. And somehow, while my pregnancy journey is always part of me, I’m constantly trying to figure out how […]

Stress and Infertility: Could the Two Be Related?

“Just relax.” If you’re trying to figure out something to say to someone struggling with infertility, these two words are NOT it. After all, placing the responsibility for a person’s infertility on their inability to “just relax” is, er, less than helpful. And it sort of blames them for the problem when it’s totally not […]