IVF and Pineapple: What Do These Two Things Have to Do With One Another?

three pineapples laying side by side

Throughout a parent’s journey to conceive a baby despite infertility, one thing is for certain. The tribe of fellow parents (or hopeful parents) going through the same process is one that’s full of love, optimism, and dedication.

It seems only natural that this community would find a symbol to recognize their strength, hope, and perseverance.

I remember when I first began researching the female infertility treatment process. I was overwhelmed by the plethora of information that existed on the topic.

While much of it was to be expected, one thing threw me for a loop: the continual presence of pineapples….yes, you read that right. Pineapples! I was confused, as you probably are, too!

How did a common fruit, albeit a delightful one, become a recognizable emblem for infertility?

Not only was I seeing it as a part of lists for natural infertility treatment options, but it also featured heavily on different infertility-related products.

After some research, I learned that the infertility community had adopted the pineapple as its own recognizable symbol, and it’s not only used in images, but as a way to supposedly help women going through IVF.

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Symbolic Reasons for the IVF Pineapple

Many people believe you can use pineapple as a natural way to improve IVF success (more on that in a minute), and that’s enough of a reason to celebrate it. But of course, it gets more philosophical than that.

There are many reasons our infertility tribe has chosen the pineapple as an uplifting symbol for our respective conception journeys.

pineapple on the beach with ocean water approaching
Oh, the pineapple. A tropical fruit, yes. But also, an important symbol for infertility and IVF parents.

Have you ever heard the following quotation:

“Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside”?

This quote is commonly used for inspiration in fertility circles.

To our community, the pineapple is a physical representation of our strength and journey. While infertility can leave us feeling weak and ashamed, the symbolic pineapple can act as a reminder of all the things we hope to be.

Think about what’s inside a pineapple

Think about a pineapple for a moment.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you imagine?

Do you think of a sweet interior that’s appreciated by the masses? Are you picturing a sturdy exterior that can withstand even the toughest of circumstances? In the infertility world, we take these images and apply them to our situations.

We imagine our positive pregnancy test or future children as the sweet interior. They’re the welcome sanctuary after a long, hard journey.

While breaking through the tough exterior of conception troubles can seem impossible to manage, this feeling will not last forever. We hope for the moment when we reach the other side and can enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended.)

When seeing a pineapple, people experiencing infertility feel pride and strength for their journeys.

Infertility is no easy task to manage, but remember, just because we have a hard time getting pregnant does not mean that we are “lesser than.” We are queens. It’s important to stand up and appreciate where we are in our lives and all of the experiences waiting to be had.

Can Women Use Pineapple for IVF Success?

IVF is expensive – this is a cold, hard fact.

When a hopeful parent is spending so much money trying to get pregnant, they’re willing to go to great lengths to make the process work.

While there’s no sure-fire way to make en embryo implant and grow, the infertility community touts tons of natural ways to improve their chances of conceiving.

I, for one, was willing to do just about anything.

From finding ways to combat stress and infertility to heading to regular acupuncture appointments, I was continually looking for ways to increase my odds of getting pregnant.

When I first learned that some women use pineapple for IVF success, I was intrigued, to say the least.

How could this simple fruit make a positive difference in the outcome of my cycle?

Here’s the idea: eat a pineapple on an empty stomach the day of your embryo transfer to improve your chance of a successful in vitro fertilization process.

I researched this seemingly farfetched idea. Here’s what I learned. The positive effects of primarily come down to pineapple’s effect on implantation.

How Can You Use Pineapple for Implantation Success?

Pineapple is considered a fertility boosting food, but there’s a very specific process, and it’s not quite as simple or delicious as eating tons of pineapple when undergoing IVF.

Rather than just munching on pineapple chunks throughout your entire cycle, many people that eating a slice of pineapple for five days–starting with the day of your IUI or IVF transfer–can help implantation.

You’ll take a whole pineapple, cut it into five even slices (including the core) and consume one piece each day after your transfer until they’re gone.

While research has not proven that this method of using pineapple for implantation success actually works, the theory is that increased amounts of enzymes called bromelain, found in pineapple, can improve your chances of positive fertility outcomes.

You heard me–according to this theory, you have to eat pineapple core.

What is Bromelain?

For simplicity’s sake, you could just call it the miracle enzyme that can enhance the likelihood of implantation after an IVF transfer. But we believe in scientific research, so let’s go a little deeper.

Bromelain is a group of enzymes found primarily in pineapple plants and fruit.

Not only is bromelain ideal for boosting a woman’s immune system, but it’s also known as a natural blood thinner and to have anti-inflammatory properties – all of which are vital to reproductive health.

While the anti-inflammatory traits of bromelain can help women struggling with infertility conditions related to swelling, the anticoagulant features tend to be the most beneficial during an IVF transfer.

Studies have shown that increased blood supply to a woman’s uterus can help improve her chances of conceiving. For this reason, some gynecologists and fertility specialists will even suggest a regimen of Aspirin to help an individual get pregnant.

The bromelain in pineapple has a similar blood-thinning effect.

And it’s found primarily in the pineapple’s core, hence the need to consume it.

As I stated previously, it’s hard to say how accurate these pineapple and bromelain-related claims might be.

But if we want anecdotal evidence, I ate my fair share of pineapple core after both of my IVF cycles and ended up pregnant on the first try for both of my daughters.

Coincidence? Maybe. But the cost of a pineapple is minuscule. If there’s even a chance it could increase your IVF success chances, why not give it a go?

(Unless, of course, you’re deathly allergic, like our editor Sarah.)

IVF Pineapple Gifts

Are you interested in purchasing some IVF gifts for a friend or family member? Or maybe you would like to treat yourself to something to commemorate your infertility journey?

Whether you’d like a pineapple necklace or pineapple-themed wall decor, there are plenty of great IVF pineapple-inspired gifts for you to choose from!

Lots of infertility moms wear pineapple socks and t-shirts to the fertility clinic on transfer day.

1. “Positive Vibes Only” Pineapple T-Shirt

Who doesn’t need another cute shirt to stock your closet with?

gray tshirt laid out with a pair of jeans, sunglasses, and white sneakers

This adorable “Positive Vibes Only” shirt from Etsy is the perfect addition to any IVF cycle wardrobe. Plus, it will still be cute and appropriate long after your fertility journey is complete.

2. IVF Pineapple Necklace

This dainty IVF pineapple necklace would make an ideal gift to a friend or significant other going through an IVF cycle.

golden necklace with circular pineapple emblem

It’s also a great choice for any woman looking to reward herself post-cycle with a beautiful reminder of the strength she showed throughout her conception process.

3. Miracles, IVF Pineapple Wall Print

Are you looking for unique nursery decor for your little one? Why not consider this adorable wall print from Lemon and Sage Designs?

wall art with two pineapples and text that reads "even miracles take a little time"

Not only will it blend seamlessly into most nursery designs, but it features an uplifting quotation that will remind you of the experiences you endured to welcome your little one into the world.

3. IVF Pineapple Socks

Whether you’ve got your feet up in stirrups waiting for your embryo transfer to take place or you’re pacing the hospital halls while you labor through the night, a cozy pair of socks will do you good!

pair of white socks with sparkly gold pineapples
Non-slip pineapple socks–a transfer day favorite in the IVF world! Enter your clinic wearing these socks and leave PUPO!

If you’re already going to be on the hunt for a comfortable pair of socks, they might as well include an adorable IVF pineapple, right? Right.

Embracing the IVF Pineapple Symbolism During Your Quest to Have a Baby

No one sets off in life to become a member of the infertility community. In fact, for most of us, it’s a club we’d much rather not be a part of.

Despite this, however, our not-so-little troop of hopeful potential parents has developed a close-knit bond. We share experiences and well wishes for the positive pregnancy tests we all pray for time-and-time again.

And since every great organization needs a mascot, why shouldn’t we adopt the IVF pineapple as our own?

Whether you believe in using pineapple for implantation success or you like the symbolic meaning behind this endearing fruit, it’s the perfect reminder of all that we want, and all that we hope to be.

So, ladies, we offer you this final thought:

Don’t let your quest for a baby bring you down. Stand tall, put on your beautiful crown, and remember that you have the strength and courage to see this experience through.

Have you ever heard of the IVF pineapple? Did you try eating pineapple for IVF success?

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