Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Breastfeeding Station

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As a nursing mom, I sometimes felt like my days consisted of nothing more than whipping out my boobs for another feed. Then, once our little one was eating, I’d be stuck in the same position for long chunks of time until she’d gotten her fill (and let me tell you, she was an avid eater). Thank goodness one of my friends suggested I design a breastfeeding station for myself!

I’d never heard of a breastfeeding station, and the moment she brought it up, it felt like a genuine lightbulb moment. Why not create a space with everything I need for my comfort, baby’s needs, and some personal enjoyment?

If you’re tired of getting stuck breastfeeding without your phone charger or snacks, we’ve got you! Whether you want to assemble a breastfeeding caddy or a bedside nursing cart, we have all the information you need to make it the best breastfeeding station possible.

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Why Do You Even Need a Bedside Breastfeeding Station?

You might think that all you need for a successful breastfeeding experience is a pair of nipples, but my friend, breastfeeding comes with a host of supplies and honestly, some downright necessities.

Many of us depend on additional items, like nursing pillows and nipple shields while we nurse. 

Then there’s the “little extras” we use to entertain, energize, and comfort ourselves during nursing sessions. You know, things like our cellphones, snacks, water bottles, and Netflix. 

Here’s the frustrating part, though–how often do you sit down to feed your baby and suddenly realize your water bottle is in the kitchen; the phone’s in the office; and the sandwich you were eating is god knows where??

Nothing is ever where it’s supposed to be!

While this is frustrating enough during regular daylight hours, imagine how irritated you’ll be when it’s the middle of the night, and you can’t find the nipple cream you rely on post-feed.

This is where bedside breastfeeding stations come in. 

Whether you use a rolling cart, basket, or caddy, these stations keep everything together where they’re needed most, like next to your bed for late-night feeds.

Sure, putting together a nursing station isn’t mandatory for your “preparing for baby checklist.” But, it IS an excellent option if you want to stay organized and stop running around the house looking for those nipple pads you’re sure you bought last week. 

I love the idea of including items for your breastfeeding cart on your baby registry must-have list. Many gift-givers would love the idea of helping you create this space!

Are Portable Breastfeeding Stations Essential?

As long as you have at least one central location for all your nursing essentials, you don’t necessarily need multiple breastfeeding baskets or caddies, but it can be nice!

You could always keep a smaller nursing caddy in other rooms you frequent with your little ones, like the living room or their nursery. Once baby moves into their crib, you could create your central breastfeeding station in their room and place a portable one in your bedroom.

Again, none of these are mandatory to your breastfeeding process, but it’s always nice to have things readily available when it’s time for your baby’s next feed. 

Creating a breastfeeding station will save you time and your sanity!

Creating A Cozy Nursing Space: Our Favorite Breastfeeding Station Ideas

While having easy access to nursing must-haves is a high priority, planning the perfect home or bedside breastfeeding station is also about creating a calming, comfortable environment for you and your baby. 

If you’re a new mom who needs ideas about how to organize your breastfeeding caddy or station, consider the suggestions below.

1. Rolling Cart or Basket

So, what’s the first step in designing a top-notch nursing station? Deciding what to put everything in, of course! Sure, you could just lay all of this stuff on your side table or nightstand, but trust me when I say you’ll prefer having everything more “contained.”

Be sure to choose something that offers plenty of storage. Personally, I’m a big fan of those three-tier rolling carts that are so popular right now, but there are plenty of great options, including:

A portable changing table might be an excellent option if you’d like a place to change your newborn’s diaper, too. 

2. Nursing Pillows

Whether you’re a new mama still trying to learn the nursing position ropes or a seasoned veteran looking for extra comfort during feeds, a nursing pillow is a can’t miss addition to your breastfeeding station. There are tons of amazing products on the market, but our favorite breastfeeding support pillows include:

3. Breastfeeding Snacks

Nursing a baby uses more energy than you might think; in fact, for most people, you’ll need between 330-400 more calories per day!

This is why it’s crucial to have easy access to healthy breastfeeding snacks during feeds (plus, you might want something to munch on while your baby finishes their meal).

Some excellent options include dried fruit, granola bars, lactation cookies, beef jerky, dried chickpeas, and trail mix

4. Nursing Supplies

Yes, despite what you may think, breastfeeding supplies include more than just a pair of boobs.

Some other items you might want to have in your breastfeeding caddy or nursing station are nipple guards, nursing pads, and nipple cream–basically, anything you can think of to care for your nipples!

5. Water Bottle

Your fluid intake will probably skyrocket once you’re breastfeeding a baby. Experts recommend that nursing parents should drink approximately 16 cups of water daily!

Keeping your favorite water bottle filled for your breastfeeding station is always smart. 

6. Nightlight

During night feedings, you’ll probably want the area around your bedside breastfeeding station pretty dark so you can keep your new baby sleepy during nursing sessions. 

That said, you’ll still need to see!

Keeping a soothing nightlight near your nursing area will help.

Try to find a portable and dimmable product so you can control how bright your space is. 

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7. Diapers and Baby Wipes

There’s a solid chance your baby will need a diaper change right before or after their feeds. Why not turn your breastfeeding station into diaper central, too? 

Throw in a few diapers and wipes so you’re not running around the house searching for supplies. 

8. Devices and Chargers

From iPads to smartphones, you’ll likely use your devices a lot while breastfeeding. After all, you’ve got to entertain yourself somehow! 

Some people like keeping an electronic device like an e-reader in their breastfeeding cart.

And for the love, make sure you include a charging cord or portable charger in your cart, caddy, or basket, too!

9. Gentle Music or Sound Machines

So, we’ve talked about “mood lighting” for your breastfeeding space; now it’s time to discuss sound.

Gentle lullabies and relaxing sounds can keep your little one calm and restful during their feeds. You can even use white noise benefits to help lull them back to sleep. 

Phone apps and sound machines are excellent for playing soft music while nursing.

You can even buy a Hatch nightlight that offers lighting benefits and noise. 

10. Burp Cloths

Don’t forget to stash a burp cloth or two in your breastfeeding basket or caddy.

This will come in handy for spit-up and milky mouths after feeding. 

11. Rocking Chairs

If you’re setting up a breastfeeding station in your bedroom, there’s a good chance you’ll sit or lie on your bed during feeds. However, once your baby is in their room, you might want a comfortable space to sit and nurse them. 

Adding a high-quality glider or rocker with an ottoman to your list of baby registry must-haves is a choice you won’t regret. 

Not only will you spend many hours rocking your baby to sleep, but it’s also a great place to sit during late-night breastfeeding sessions. 

12. Remote Controls

From fan remotes to TV controllers, make sure you have easy access to any remote controls you might need or want to use during feeds!

13. Haakaa or Milk Catchers

I’d never heard of a haakaa or milk catcher while breastfeeding our firstborn. Imagine my delight when a friend gifted me one for our second! 

I always thought it was crazy to just “lose” all the extra milk that releases during your letdown.

By using a manual breast pump on the opposite breast your little one is nursing on, you can collect that excess milk to start building up a stockpile. 

14. Blanket

A blanket might not be necessary for breastfeeding, but it is nice to have, especially during chilly days and nights when you want to get extra snuggly during feeds.

This is a great way to stay warm and comfortable.

15. Hair Ties

I remember many days I’d be nursing our girls, and my hair would fall into their faces. Without a hair tie nearby or on my wrist, I was left sweeping it out of the way over and over until they finished. 

Do yourself a favor; put some hair ties in your breastfeeding caddy for moments like this!

Make sure to keep snacks in your breastfeeding station to keep up your nutrition and energy!

Streamline Your Baby’s Feeds By Putting All Your Necessities in One Place

When it comes to breastfeeding essentials, it’s always a good idea to have them close by during feeds. Sure, you might not use every item during each nursing session, but when you need them, you’ll be so glad they were there!

Whether you create a portable breastfeeding station you can move throughout the house or set up a bedside breastfeeding basket for late-night feeds, having immediate access to the items listed below is one small step you can take to improve your nursing experience.

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Can you think of anything else you want or need in a breastfeeding station?


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