Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Breastfeeding Station

As a nursing mom, I sometimes felt like my days consisted of nothing more than whipping out my boobs for another feed. Then, once our little one was nursing, I’d be stuck in the same position for long chunks of time until she’d gotten her fill. Thank goodness one of my friends suggested I design a breastfeeding station for myself!

I’d never heard of a breastfeeding station, and the moment she brought it up, it felt like a genuine lightbulb moment. Why not create a space with everything I need for my comfort, baby’s needs, and some personal enjoyment?

Why trust us?

Samantha Radford, PhD, CLC, is a Certified Lactation Counselor who has a passion for supporting breastfeeding mothers. She has over a decade of experience breastfeeding across 4 children and plenty of evidence-based best practices to share.

Katy Huie Harrison, PhD, brings firsthand experience, tons of research, and empathy to the table, having breastfed two children and exclusively pumped for one. Her journey through the challenges and triumphs of breastfeeding fuels her passion to support and educate other moms.

We’ve got the experience of 2 moms here, plus the entire Undefining Motherhood community, to share with you all the necessary items (and some bonus ones, too) to create the perfect breastfeeding station. Let’s do this, mama.

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How to Organize Your Breastfeeding Station

While having easy access to nursing must-haves is a high priority, planning the perfect home or bedside breastfeeding station is also about creating a calming, comfortable environment for you and your baby. 

If you’re a new mom who needs ideas about how to organize your breastfeeding caddy or station, consider the suggestions below.

Portable Baby Changing Table with Waterproof Pad Topper

Product Features

  • 4 level adjustable height from 33.5″ to 36.5″ for easy diaper changes
  • Table comes from 2 shelves, 2 side pockets, a storage basket, and a clothes rail

This all-in-one solution is perfect for diaper changes, and you can also use the included basket for your water bottle, snacks, phone charger… all the things you’ll want when you’re nap trapped. And unlike most “one trick pony” changing tables, this one has locking wheels, letting you take it from room to room with you.


  • Adjustable height lets you make diaper changes as easy as possible

  • Waterproof changing pad cover makes clean-up easy

  • Locking wheels keeps cart steady during changes


  • Assembly required

  • Make sure you order the style you want; there are multiple styles on the same Amazon listing

Portable Breastfeeding Station: Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart

Product Features

  • 12.5″ x 17″ footprint, 31.5″ tall
  • Sturdy metal construction with 2″ caster wheels
  • 2 lockable brakes
  • Assembly required

If you and your baby tend to wander from room to room between nursing sessions (like if you have an older toddler too, for example), you may prefer a rolling cart like this. Keep the stuff you need most often in the basket that’s easiest for you to reach, and keep more “every once in a while” objects like diapers and rash cream in the bottom basket.


  • Caster wheels are easy to roll in any direction

  • Brake mechanism keeps cart from accidentally getting pushed away

  • 7 color choices allow you to match to your living room or nursery decor


  • Some people don’t like that the baskets are tiered (the bottom basket is larger than the top)

  • Assembly is much easier with two people available

Sammy & Lou Collapsible Divided Storage Caddy

Product Features

  • 11.5″ x 6″ x 8″ storage caddy
  • 8 external pouches + removable t-divider
  • Comes in multiple colors and patterns
  • Two felt handles for easy carrying

You may prefer a smaller storage caddy for your nursing station. This one has side pouches to hold your water bottle and snacks (always important!) plus anything else you need.


  • Sturdy construction

  • Collapsible for easy storage

  • T-divider is perfect side for diapers and wipes


  • Some users would prefer a larger basket

Cotton Rope Woven Basket with Handles

If you want a bare-bones basket to store your breastfeeding essentials in, this basket is perfect. There’s no dividers, so you can maximize the space in it. Plus, the neutral color fits perfectly in any space. This would make a great secondary station for a room you don’t use quite as much.


  • Sturdy basket perfect for holding your breastfeeding essentials


  • Folded when shipping and may need to be stuffed for reshaping

  • Some customers point out that this basket is oval, not a rounded rectangle like pictured

What to Keep at Your Breastfeeding Station

Now that you know what you’re going to keep everything in, you have to know what to stash in your breastfeeding station. Here are the essentials:

Breastfeeding Snacks

Nursing a baby uses more energy than you might think; in fact, for most people, you’ll need between 330-400 more calories per day!

This is why it’s crucial to have easy access to healthy breastfeeding snacks during feeds (plus, you might want something to munch on while your baby finishes their meal).

Some excellent options for breastfeeding snacks include:dried fruit, granola bars, lactation cookies, beef jerky, dried chickpeas, and trail mix

Easy Jug Water Bottle

Gradient-colored EASYJUG water bottle designed for breastfeeding women, featuring a pink to teal color transition, with a secure blue handle and pink screw-on cap for easy access to hydration.

Product Features

  • BPA free
  • Holds 2.2 L (9 cups) of water
  • 47″ straw makes it easy to drink water, even when lying down
  • Straw clasp on top of lid to prevent leaking

Did you know experts recommend that nursing parents should drink approximately 16 cups of water daily? But how do you accomplish this when you’re trapped under a breastfeeding baby?!

We LOVE the Easy Jug–a hands-free water bottle created specifically for breastfeeding moms! Easy Jug has made drinking more water while breastfeeding, well…easy! Keep it at your breastfeeding station, and you won’t have to move in order to stay hydrated. Use code undefiningmotherhood10 for 10% off!

Milk Leakage Protection

Especially in the first several weeks after your milk comes in, you may be leaking extra milk on the other side when nursing (or you may just randomly leak milk wherever, whenever). If that’s the case, breast pads will come in clutch.

You can go for disposable ones, but I like these reusable, washable ones.

If you want to collect extra milk instead of using pads, use something like the Haakaa ladybug and – this is important – open the valve at the top so you don’t create suction. That way, the only milk you collect comes from leaks, not accidental expression.

NOTE: A lot of moms out there suggest the Haakaa, but the suction produced by the it can lead to painful engorgement and even oversupply.

Breast/Nipple Supplies

Not every mom will need these things, but if you do, you’ll want to keep these in your breastfeeding caddy too:

  • Silverette nursing cups – Silver is naturally antimicrobial, so these sterling cups will help cracked nipples heal
  • Nipple balm – Keep one of these spatulas on hand for application so you don’t contaminate your jar
  • Gel soothies – Although keeping these in the fridge makes them even nicer!
  • Nipple shields – These aren’t recommended for most moms, but they were vital for me when Jack was born with a recessed chin.

Burp Cloths

Don’t forget to stash a burp cloth or two in your breastfeeding basket or caddy. This will come in handy for spit-up and milky mouths after feeding. 

Diapers and Baby Wipes

There’s a solid chance your baby will need a diaper change right before or after their feeds. Why not turn your breastfeeding station into diaper central, too? 

Throw in a few diapers and wipes so you’re not running around the house searching for supplies. 

Entertainment and Chargers

You’ll be sitting on one place a LOT when you’re breastfeeding. Make sure you have everything you need to not go nuts. Consider:

  • An e-readerIt’s nearly impossible to hold up and turn pages in a real book when you’re also holding a baby. Guess how I know…
  • A gaming system – If that’s your thing, you can destroy bokoblins while your baby sleeps in their carrier
  • Remote controls – For everything from your TV to the ceiling fan to your dimmable lights
  • Chargers for EVERYTHING

Comfort Items

There are some things you’ll want to keep around just to make life cozier, like:

  • Hair ties – You’ll feel much better with your hair out of your face, especially since you spend so much of your time looking down while nursing
  • Blankets – Whether your toes are cold or you just want to cover up when someone stops by while you’re nursing
  • A white noise machine – Although you may prefer a phone app for this
  • A night light – This portable, dimmable model is perfect for middle-of-the-night changing sessions
  • A nursing pillow – Or just a few strategically placed regular pillows to help you position baby during feedings

A Rocking Chair

If you’re setting up a breastfeeding station in your bedroom, there’s a good chance you’ll sit or lie on your bed during feeds. However, once your baby is in their room, you might want a comfortable space to sit and nurse them. 

Adding a high-quality glider or rocker with an ottoman to your list of baby registry must-haves is a choice you won’t regret. 

Not only will you spend many hours rocking your baby to sleep, but it’s also a great place to sit during late-night breastfeeding sessions. 

Use a Breastfeeding Station to Streamline Feeding Sessions

When it comes to breastfeeding essentials, it’s always a good idea to have them close by during feeds. Sure, you might not use every item during each nursing session, but when you need them, you’ll be so glad they were there!

Whether you create a portable breastfeeding station you can move throughout the house or set up a bedside breastfeeding basket for late-night feeds, having immediate access to the items listed below is one small step you can take to improve your nursing experience.

Can you think of anything else you want or need in a breastfeeding station?

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