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15 Best Maternity Leggings of 2022

Let’s talk about maternity leggings, or as I call them, “my very best friends during pregnancy.” And trust me, they’re going to be yours, too. All my friends call me the legging queen, and for good reason. I subscribe to the notion that leggings are pants, and when you’re pregnant, they’re kind of life. The […]

Natural Ways to Reduce Bloat During Pregnancy

The past few months you’ve been eating for two (we’ve been there, mama!) and lately you’ve felt unpleasant stomach cramping. The guilty culprit could be bloating.  Bloating during pregnancy is completely normal. It’s one of those “charming” weird pregnancy symptoms, including belching and passing gas, that will likely last throughout your pregnancy. Why? Turns out, […]

Your Guide to the Pregnancy Pillow: The Top 12 of 2022

For anyone not already aware, I’m here to let you in on a not-so-secretive secret: pregnancy is not always enjoyable. Between problems like hyperemesis and lightning crotch, plus the continual burgeoning of your belly, it’s no surprise that sleep often doesn’t come easy to expectant mothers. Thankfully, a new addition to your bedroom could make a […]

What’s Going on at 6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and Impact

As someone who experienced the pitfalls of infertility firsthand, when I finally became pregnant, I found myself waiting for that moment when I would actually “feel” pregnant. Sure, I’d received positive results during my BETA tests and had begun to experience the gestational fatigue so many of us expectant mothers have come to know and […]

Defining a Viable Pregnancy: At What Point is Your Baby “Safe?”

I’m not sure there’s any situation where I’ll ever forget the moment I received my first positive pregnancy test. I’d gone through my embryo transfer, suffered through the two-week wait, and gone back to my physician for a blood pregnancy test…then, I waited. The seconds, minutes, and hours crept by. I spent my day consumed […]