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So Your Friend Had a Miscarriage and You’re Pregnant? How to Support Her

I’ve heard it literally thousands of times, and I’ve experienced it from both sides: “My friend had a miscarriage and I’m pregnant. What do I do?” In this article, let’s... Read More

The Benefits of Patient Empowerment for African American Mothers

Aisha Stith is writing this article for her rockstar son, Chase, one of the most magnificent beings. And for everyone who has endured the trauma of delivering a child early.... Read More

What Is Embryo Adoption? 3 Things You Need To Know

What is embryo adoption? This somewhat new way of conceiving is common after infertility. Learn how embryo adoption works and if it's right for your family.... Read More

5 Tips for Coping with Pregnancy Anxiety After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after loss can be emotionally draining. Thanks to great mental healthcare, I developed a lot of coping mechanisms for making it through pregnancy after loss. Read my story &... Read More

Pregnancy After Miscarriage: Vulnerability, Hope, and Anxiety

Pregnancy after miscarriage often produces anxiety. Find out what to expect trying to conceive & during pregnancy after miscarriage. ... Read More

Hyperemesis Stories: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at HG

Mary Katherine Mason, regular guest author at Undefining Motherhood, gives us the inside scoop about what it’s really like to live with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). HG which is a rare... Read More

I Feared I’d Lost You, And Then You Were Jack

When you're pregnant after miscarriage, small issues can be terrifying. But the joyful moments--those are the ones to hold onto. They were with Jack. ... Read More

Christmas is Weird When You’re Pregnant After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage is such limbo. You’re not confident this pregnancy will be the one. You’re not confident any pregnancy will ever be the one. ... Read More