What Is Early Intervention & How Can You Navigate It?

Most people know that what happens to us early in life affects our long-term development. Experts agree that the first three to five years of life are crucial for long-term social, cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being.  That’s why it’s so essential for parents, especially parents of preterm babies, to ensure their child gets the best […]

S1 EP3: “When Are You Going to Have a Baby?” & Other Questions We Don’t Ask Men

For centuries, women have felt pressure to have a baby. Most adult women who don’t have children by their mid-late twenties have found themselves at parties, holidays, or family dinners where someone comments on their “biological clock” or asks that inevitable question–”When are you going to have a baby?”  In this episode, we dive deep […]

S1 EP2: What Is a Mother?

What is a mother, really? There are so many different parenting types, books, and ideologies that tell us the definition of a good mother–or even a mother at all. After 15 years studying motherhood and 9 years as a mother myself, I have a very different perspective than most–and it’s the most empowering definition of […]

S1 EP1: I Needed My Voice Back, and So Do All Moms

Was your journey to motherhood harder than you thought it’d be? There are so many voices telling us how to be and become mothers, and for me, those voices set me up for feelings of failure when nothing went the way I planned. Here’s the story of my fertility and recurrent miscarriage journey – and […]

Welcome To Undefining Motherhood

Katy Huie Harrison, PhD( Author )Katy Huie Harrison, PhD, is an author, mom, recurrent miscarriage survivor, & owner of Undefining Motherhood. She lives in Atlanta with her husband (affectionately known on the internet as “Husband,”) son (Jack), and daughter (Branham). She believes our society puts too many expectations on women that make womanhood and motherhood […]

We’ve Been Getting Postpartum Compression All Wrong. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Postpartum compression garments can be a great way to support your recovering body after birth by pushing your abdominal muscles back together, reducing swelling, and even increasing comfort. But many of the postpartum belly wraps people rave about actually do more harm than good. Why? They push your muscles downward, putting pressure on your pelvic […]

The Source of Our Helplessness: A Father’s Perspective on Miscarriage

“If we are to turn the corner and cope with uncertain losses, we must first temper our hunger for mastery. This is the paradox. To regain a sense of mastery when there is ambiguity about a loved one’s absence or presence, we must give up trying to find the perfect solution. We must redefine our […]

Postpartum Incontinence: It’s Time to Normalize Bladder Problems After Childbirth

Hopefully, after we’ve dealt with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and childbirth, the reward is the beautiful baby we’ve brought into the world. Who would think that we’d also get an annoying little party favor to take home with us? Yep, that’s right, I’m talking about postpartum incontinence.  While leaking urine after delivery isn’t […]