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How I Tackled Anxiety By Doing Everything That Scared Me

Sometimes you have to do things that make you feel the most anxious and vulnerable to grow as a person. Here's what happened when I did multiple terrifying things all... Read More

How to Overcome Postpartum Body Image Challenges

Negative body image is a major postpartum problem. Let's flip our mindset. Instead of wanting “our bodies" back, let's be in awe of all they have done.... Read More

Uncensored: When Anxiety Strikes, but Isn’t What You See

In the past month, as this blog has really grown, numerous people have told me they’re proud of me. “You really seem to have found your voice,” they say. As... Read More

I Crashed A Dinner and Left with A New Theory about Motherhood

*Note: This post tells my perception of a recent experience. Because I have not obtained permission from the other individuals to use their names, I have changed names and intentionally... Read More

Reclaiming the Word “Crazy”

Let me be very clear about something: I don’t use the word “crazy” loosely. In fact, in writing, I don’t use any word loosely. During daily conversation, my filter and... Read More

Childbed Fever: The Epidemic Victorians Ignored

If women were dying in mass numbers in hospitals compared to home births–15 childbed hospital deaths for every 2 at home–wouldn’t you expect national, even international, outcry try to figure... Read More

Where to Give Birth Used to be a Life-or-Death Choice

Even With Medicine Where It Is Today, Childbirth is Risky Business I talked last week about maternal mortality in childbirth, a trend that is disturbingly on the rise in the... Read More

How Far Have We Really Come?

Welcome to Undefining Motherhood. You can learn more about me on the About page, the topic on the Why Undefining? page, as well as following content here. For the next... Read More