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21 Fun and Easy Kids Valentine Party Ideas

Valentine’s day is upon us, and for those of us who procrastinate (or who are just really busy), it’s JUST ABOUT TIME TO PANIC. But, fret ye not, mamas of elementary and preschool aged kids! We have you covered. We’re talking EASY kids Valentine party ideas. We’ve got tons of kids Valentine games (for preschoolers […]

Rachel’s Pandemic Birth Story

I hate being pregnant. I had my first child at age 33 via labor induction, which ultimately led to 22 hours of labor, 2 of which were spent pushing, only to end up with a late night emergency cesarean section. I only knew the birthing process to be long, painful, and at great cost to […]

How to Choose a Baby Name

Let’s face it: naming a child is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll do as you prepare for their arrival. Some parents have names chosen before conception, while others struggle to come up with a unique, meaningful name for their child. We know people who weren’t allowed to leave the hospital because they […]