How to Throw an EPIC Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

The image shows a joyful young girl at a birthday party, with her hands on her cheeks in a gesture of excitement. She is looking at a dinosaur-themed birthday cake decorated with green icing and dinosaur figurines. The cake is vibrant, featuring layers of bright blue and green, with dinosaur models on top and around the sides. In the background, a colorful string of pennants hangs, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event. The focus is on the girl's delighted expression and the elaborately decorated cake in front of her, illustrating a moment of celebration and happiness at a child's themed party.

Is your kiddo obsessed with dinosaurs, and is the word “obsessed” an understatement? If you answered this question with an emphatic “oh man, yes!” then we have the PERFECT round-up of dinosaur themed birthday party ideas for YOU! 

The best part of this round-up is that we’ve done the work for you. No more scrolling Pinterest until your thumbs hurt…we’ve gathered all the cutest and most original ideas in one place. 

So buckle up, because it’s about to get prehistoric in here. We’ve got ALL kinds of dinosaur birthday party ideas, including dinosaur party food and dinosaur birthday decorations! Just find your favorites and the party will come to life (no pun intended).

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Alright, so let’s start on a more macro level. Your child loves dinosaurs and has chosen (or you’ve chosen if they are little bitty) to have an all things dinosaur-themed birthday party. 

If you go to the trusty internet and type that in, you’ll have more ideas that you can shake a stick at, and you’ll promptly shut your laptop in a fit of overwhelm, only to revisit the topic a mere two weeks or so before the big event (no judgment here, that’s me in a nutshell).

So start here, friend. These ideas will get you started and simplify the search. What’s not to love?

Dinosaur Invitations

One of the first things you’ll need to do after you’ve decided on a date and time is to find a cute dino invitation, and there are lots to choose from! Your invitation will help you set the theme for the party. 

1. Roar! Roar! Roar! Printable Invitations

Product Features

  • Download file arrives instantly via email
  • Customizable
  • Cute color scheme!
  • Appropriate for wide age range

We love these for their sleek graphic design and adorable color scheme. These are likely best for older kiddos and not infants (but you do you!). You can download it on any device and edit from there. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have them printed yourself–this is just the downloadable design.


  • Low price

  • Easy to download and customize

  • Simplistic, cute color scheme


  • You have to download and print them yourself

  • You’ll need some extra lead-time for downloading/printing

Like the idea of printable invitations but don’t love that particular design? Try one of these:

  • Historic Dino Bash Downloadable Invitation–classic design and would be great for a girl’s dino party if you’d like something a little more pink. We’re not saying you have to go pink for a girl’s dino party–just mentioning that in case it’s more your little one’s speed.
  • Stomp on Over Downloadable Invitation–this is a great design for little ones. With sweet pastel colors, it’s a great way to set your color scape for the party. 
  • Explorer Downloadable Invitation–got a 5-9 year old who fancies themselves an explorer? This one is super cute. 

2. Double-Sided Dino Cutout Invitations

Product Features

  • Four different cut-out dinosaurs
  • 24 to a pack
  • Double-sided
  • You (or you + your kiddo) fill in date/time/place
  • 8×5
  • Appropriate for ages 3+

Got a little one who enjoys practicing writing and might want to help fill out their own invitations? We love these fun, double-sided cutout invitations! The pack includes 4 different dinosaur shapes, so your child can pick which dinosaur they want to send to which friend! The package says “for boys,” but we say screw that. If your daughter loves dinos, why shouldn’t she have a dino party?!


  • You fill in the party details, so no printer involved!

  • Unique cut-out design

  • Get your kiddo involved by letting them help fill in the information if they are learning to write


  • Reviewers suggest using a permanent marker as regular ink can smear

  • Some reviewers say the space to write in is a bit small

Like the idea of your kid helping fill out their own invitations but don’t love this design? No worries! Try these:

3. Stomp! Chomp! Roar! Let’s Party Like a Dinosaur

If you’re anything like me and have great intentions but are pretty sure you will not actually get the invitation template you downloaded printed, then honey, you should just go straight to a printing service like Zazzle.

Yes, you are going to pay more to do it this way, but if it saves your sanity and it’s in budget, I say go for it. This delightful 5×7 design would be great for infants or younger kids! It’s editable, and you can choose the number you need.

Dinosaur Birthday Decorations 

Once you have an idea about what you want your invitations to look like, you’re now ready to move on to decorations! Your kiddo needs some pretty great dinosaur themed birthday party decorations, right?? Right. 

Let’s talk about how to accomplish this first:

  • Look closely at the color scheme of your invitations and note three primary colors. These are now your color scheme for party decor! 
  • What’s the design of the invitation like? If the design is more Jurassic Park and appropriate for older kids, you’ll want to continue that vibe. If the design is softer, with a more muted tone for younger kids, then keep that vibe for continuity.

1. Dinosaur Balloon Arch 

Product Features

  • 171 pieces with 4 foil dinosaur balloons included
  • Comes with materials to put it together (dot glue and ribbon)
  • Appropriate for a wide age range, just make sure to watch out for small pieces around little ones!

Balloon arches are super on trend right now, and honestly they really are a great way to make a big (easy to assemble!) statement for your dinosaur themed birthday party. They also make a fantastic photo backdrop!

We love this balloon arch for its simple color scheme (dark and light green, blue, orange) and various dinosaur balloons that pepper the arch. 

This particular arch would be perfect for both younger and older kids and would match several of the invitations listed above, including the Roaring T-Rex invitation and Roar! Roar! Roar! invitation. 


  • Reviewers appreciate the quality and endurance of the balloons

  • Foil dinosaurs are realistic and super cute!

  • Fun color scheme


  • Process to put together a balloon arch can be frustrating. We recommend watching YouTube videos beforehand and giving yourself plenty of time to assemble it before the party!

  • Some reviewers suggest the colors are different than listed

2. Jungle Party Balloon Arch

Product Features

  • 140+ pieces with gold balloons for interest
  • Comes with materials to put it together (dot glue and ribbon)
  • Appropriate for a wide age range, just make sure to watch out for small pieces around little ones!

This arch has a fun jungle color way of army green, brown, and nude, and it’s interspersed with various leaves for visual interest!

It has over 140 pieces, and helium isn’t required to put it all together! Note that balloons last about 72 hours after filling them up, so you don’t want to be too ahead of the game when you blow them up.


  • Slightly lower price point

  • Understated, yet really pretty (especially with the gold balloons and greenery)

  • Reviewers suggest that there are enough balloons to make a smaller OR larger arch–you choose!


  • Process to put together a balloon arch can be frustrating. We recommend watching YouTube videos beforehand and giving yourself plenty of time to assemble it before the party!

  • Some reviewers suggest nude color balloons pop easily

3. Pink Dinosaur Balloon Arch Kit

Product Features

  • 150 pieces
  • Pink/green/purple colors with four foil balloons and 5 dino footprint stickers
  • Great for ages 1-8, just make sure to watch out for small pieces around little ones!

Thinking of doing the Tea-Rex invitation or just want your balloon arch to include a less conventional color scape? Then why not go pink? We love this 150+ piece kit of various balloon sizes with special bonus balloons and dino footprint stickers!

The seller recommends you set aside about an hour to put this arch together, and you should use regular air, not helium. 


  • We feel like any little girl who wanted to could go with “boy” colors for her party, but if you have a little one (boy or girl!) who loves pink, this set is perfect!

  • Reviewers rave about color and quality


  • Process to put together a balloon arch can be frustrating. We recommend watching YouTube videos beforehand and giving yourself plenty of time to assemble it before the party!

4. Personalized Dinosaur Birthday Party Sign

The image displays a playful birthday sign or card set on a wooden easel, surrounded by a bunch of helium balloons in white and metallic green. The sign features illustrations of dinosaurs, including a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus, and a Pterodactyl among others, in a realistic yet soft art style, interspersed with green foliage. At the top of the sign, in a repeated pattern, the word "ROAR" is printed in a hand-written style font. The main text in a script font announces "Oliver is a THREE-REX!" playing on the word "T-Rex" to celebrate what is presumably Oliver's third birthday. The artwork has a modern, cheerful feel, using a neutral white background that makes the green text and dinosaur illustrations stand out.

Product Features

  • Personalized party sign available in a range of sizes
  • Sign makes a great statement piece!
  • Appropriate for all ages but especially ages 1-5

This personalizable dinosaur birthday party sign would be the perfect addition to the entryway of your dinosaur birthday themed party! This special event sign makes a statement, and you don’t have to print it! 

You’ll need to give the Etsy seller a bit of lead time on this item. Keep in mind that a custom-made sign like this one can be pricey–the bigger the sign you need, the more expensive it gets, and you’ll need a cute easel (matched to the size of your sign) for display.


  • This sign looks super professional and is sure to make a statement at your party’s entrance

  • Helpful if you’re having the party in a place where people need to be specifically directed to a certain area


  • Be prepared to give the seller plenty of lead time! You’ll need to approve the proof for the sign and have time to have it mailed after printing

  • You’ll need to buy an easel to display it

  • Some designs and fonts can cost extra

  • Can be pricey–the bigger the sign you need, the more expensive it gets

5. Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner

Product Features

  • Hand-crafted felt “Happy Birthday” banner
  • Made out of premium card stock
  • Great for ages 1-5!

This sweet happy birthday banner would make a delightful addition to a party for a little one (ages 1-5). It’s made of premium card stock, ribbon, and glitter, and the cute little dinosaurs are super sweet!

We love that you can choose from green or pink in terms of color, but do keep in mind that each item is hand-made to order and may look slightly different than pictured.


  • Each banner is hand-crafted and original

  • Doesn’t look mass produced/is unique


  • A bit baby-ish for any child older than 4

  • Because it’s hand-made, it could look different than the product image

  • Glitter–need we say more?

6. Felt Dinosaur Garland

Product Features

  • 6.5 Feet of garland (perfect for a fireplace or front of table)
  • Adorable classic colors
  • Re-usable
  • Great for ages 1-8

Who doesn’t love a felt garland?? This 6.5 foot garland is crafted from felt, and the dinosaurs are filled for a 3D effect. 

Worried about whether or not it will fit into your color scheme? The colors are green, red, gray green, bright blue, pale blue, and mustard yellow with a natural cord string.


  • 3D nature of this garland is unique and adds a hand-made feel to your party

  • Hang it up in your child’s room or play area after the party!


  • A bit pricier, but keep in mind that it’s a long-lasting decoration that you can easily reuse

7. FULL Dinosaur Birthday Party Kit

Product Features

  • Full party set for 16 guests
  • Includes plates, cups, cutlery, straws, and cupcake toppers
  • Includes balloon arch, Happy Birthday banner
  • Appropriate for ages 1-6

Not the type to curate your own party aesthetic, or are you simply running low on time to get this party started? We get it, trust us. Why not try a full dino decor kit with over 200 pieces?

This kit includes 200+ pieces for 16 guests, including balloons, a banner, cute dino masks, cupcake toppers, plates, and more! Plus it’s crafted by a small business (fulfilled by Amazon), so you can feel good about your purchase.


  • Super convenient and almost everything you need for the party!

  • Comes with ribbon and garland tape

  • Fantastic reviews


  • Balloon arch is smaller than options listed above (41 pieces)

8. T-Rex Banner and Tableware

Product Features

  • Over 170 pieces, with the dinosaur banner as a centerpiece
  • Includes table cloth, plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins
  • Appropriate for ages 1-5

This set includes a really unique banner in the shape of a T-Rex, plus everything you need to set the table (cutlery, plates, cups, tablecloth). This kit feels more appropriate for a younger child’s birthday party.


  • The T-Rex birthday banner is really unique

  • FULL disposable party kit, need we say more?


  • No balloons

  • No reviews yet

9. Pink and Purple Dinosaur Party Supplies

Product Features

  • Includes balloon garland with foil accent dinos
  • Includes plates, cups, cutlery, cupcake toppers for 20 guests
  • Includes tablecloth
  • Includes glue dots and tape
  • Appropriate for ages 1-8

If your color scheme includes pinks and purples, you’ll love this set! At 230+ pieces, this set is truly comprehensive and includes a banner, balloons (and foil balloons), tableware, and more!

The vibrant colors are really fun, and all food-related items are non-toxic so you can feel a little less guilty about using paper products (actually, we vote you try not to feel guilty at all!).


  • Has everything you need for 20 people!

  • We love this inclusive color scheme

  • The pre-strung dino banner is really cute!


  • Some reviewers complain about balloons popping easily (could be hazard, especially with smaller children around)

10. Dinosaur Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Any great party needs a cake and/or a cupcake topper(s)! We like to use the cake or cupcakes as a centerpiece for the table when possible so that you don’t have to spend extra money on table decorations. 

Thinking of making your own cake? Try these fun dino sprinkles (with no artificial dyes!) and add any of the following cake or cupcake toppers to your creation. 

Pro-tip:  you can always call your grocery store and have them make a plain cake or cupcakes and adorn it with one of these fun toppers!

Here are our favorites:

  • Meri Meri Dinosaur Kingdom Cake Topper–this set is beautiful and easy to assemble! It includes 5 dinosaurs and a crepe paper palm tree. If you want to go all out, Meri meri also makes matching dinosaur party hats for guests to wear and dino plates for the cake. This topper (and matching party gear) would work for an infant or bigger kid (ages 0-5).
  • Rainbow Cake Topper with Dino Eggs– this cartoon-like set is made of high quality soft clay (food grade) and is non-toxic. It includes a total of 16 pieces, with three clay dinos as the star. Don’t love that option? This one is a little more conventional and sweet. This topper would be best for an infant or toddler’s dinosaur-themed birthday party. 
  • Realistic Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers–these have a great range of realistic dinosaurs flanked by greenery. There are 35 per pack, so if you’re having a big party, this set would be great! These toppers would be best for an older child’s party (4+)

Dinosaur Party Food

Okay, so we all know that the real star of any list of dinosaur party ideas is the FOOD. The cake is fun, sure, but there are some really easy ways to give basic party food more prehistoric pizazz (my bad, I just had to).

Anyway, here are our favorite ways to enliven your dino party with easy food options your party-guests will love, but don’t forget little dinosaur place cards so you can write food descriptions (and allergens) on them! 

1. Dino Bones

So dino bones are just white-chocolate covered pretzels! You can buy them pre-made or make your own my melting white baking chocolate

If making your own, I suggest buying the long, rod-style pretzels to make some pretty-epic stegosaurus femurs. Roll them in the melted chocolate and dino sprinkles if you dare!

2. Rwarrr-termelon 

Want to provide a healthy option to balance out all the cake? Grab some dinosaur cookie cutters and use them on seedless watermelon! 

You’ll want to slice it medium thick before using the cookie cutters, but otherwise, this snack is super easy to make. You can also layer the watermelon with grapes and strawberries on skewer sticks.

Don’t feel like buying a cookie cutter? Cut the watermelon into triangles and call it Stegosaurus Spikes! Or put out green grapes and call them “dino eggs.” Now aren’t you the coolest parent ever?

Pro-tip: use the cookie cutter set to make brontosaurus-shaped sandwiches! 

3.  T-Rex Toenails

Alright, so this one sounds gross, but it’s actually pretty cute. Grab a bag or two of Bugles and throw them into a bowl. Use your handy-dandy place cards to label them “T-Rex Toenails” or “Dino Claws.” Fun!

Not into Bugles chips or toenails in general? Regular tortilla chips work as “Dino Scales” (and don’t forget the mild salsa!). 

4. Watering Hole

Every party needs a watering hole! Use your gallon-sized water dispenser for this. Bonus points if you have two. Label them cute names like “pterodactyl punch” or “fossil fuel.”

Make sure you don’t forget adorable cups with straws for your watering hole, or cute plastic cups guests can take home. Don’t want to go that fancy? Paper cups are fine! 

5. Dino Eggs

The best part about making “dino eggs” is that you don’t have to make them! Grab a box of donut holes from the grocery story or from your favorite donut spot. Bam. You’ve got dino eggs. 

Other classic dinosaur party food includes classic kiddo-friendly food items such as:

  • dino nuggets, 
  • cutting boards full of charcuterie (for the carnivores),
  • and crudité (for the herbivores). 

Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to make! You just need a little forethought and creativity. 

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for YOUR Little One

If you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly invested in your child’s dinosaur-themed birthday party, and we love that for you! With a little time and effort, you can easily host a dinosaur party your child will love.

Do you have any ideas we’ve missed in this round-up? We’d love to hear all about them!