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Valentine’s day is upon us, and for those of us who procrastinate (or who are just really busy), it’s JUST ABOUT TIME TO PANIC. But, fret ye not, mamas of elementary aged kids! Undefining Motherhood has you covered. We’re talking kids Valentines party ideas, kids valentine craft ideas, AND fun Valentines party games!

We’ve got tons of kids Valentine games, crafts, and snacks, so you don’t have to spend all night the night before your child’s Valentine’s party sobbing and scrolling Pinterest. Girl, we got you.

Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

If you have a young child, you know that any holiday party that involves sugar should also involve games.

Preferably supervised games where children are moving their tiny glucose-filled bodies in a controlled way.

And why not get in some exercise while they’re at it?

We love the fun ideas for active games from Verywell Family. Relay races and hula hoop competitions are awesome if you want to get kids’ bodies moving and keep them entertained! But if it’s too cold outside, never fear!

There’s no shortage of fun options like Freeze Dance (perhaps to a love song for Valentine’s Day?) or beanbag tosses. (Speaking of, grab some red felt, scissors, a stapler, and a bag of beans, and you’ve got a craft-turned-game. Kids make their own beanbag hearts and then move into a beanbag toss!)

Cheap, Entertaining Valentine’s Party Games

If you need more fun Valentine’s Day party ideas for games, we love these party games you can buy online. 

These fun Valentine’s Day games won’t break the bank, and most of them can be shipped to you quickly:

  1. Play Valentine’s bingo with a wide range of ages! This bingo set uses pictures, so it can be fun for a wide range of ages. The game includes 24 cards and heart-shaped chips to play with. It’s the perfect addition to any classroom party that you got roped into volunteering to plan. (You knew we’d have you covered with class Valentine ideas too, right?)
  2. Pin the heart on the llama is an adorable addition to any kids Valentine party! It’s so cute we can hardly stand it, and it comes with a game poster, heart stickers, and a blind fold. Plus, who doesn’t love llamas??
  3. If you’ve been within a half mile of a toy store in the past year, you know that unicorns are all the rage these days. So order a Unicorn Ring Toss game, and score automatic “cool mom points” with your kids. 

PRO-TIP: While the bingo game can be played by 24 children at a time, the pin the heart on the llama and unicorn ring toss game can only be played by a few children at a time. 

We suggest purchasing pin the heart on the llama and unicorn ring toss together so that kids won’t get bored while they wait. 

OR, you could have a parent lead some of the heart-healthy games above while children come in groups to play the smaller-group games!

Kids Valentine Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are a necessity at any kid party.

Allowing children to take the theme of a holiday (in this case, love!) and make something related to that theme is a perfect way for them to exercise creativity while learning about the holiday and its central message. 

Here are some of our favorite easy valentine crafts that come pre-packaged so you don’t have to worry about what time Michael’s or Hobby Lobby closes. 

(1) Scratch hearts are a fun and unique way for kids to get creative! When kids scratch the black heart with the provided stylus, a rainbow message appears. The best part is that red yarn is included to make the heart into a treasured gift for mom or dad.

(2) Acrylic pens are great for rock decorating. Hear me out: my nieces and nephews are OBSESSED with decorating and leaving rocks in places where people (i.e. other kiddos) can find them. 

There are even WHOLE Facebook pages dedicated to letting people know where rocks have been left and which ones have been found. 

So, go out into your backyard or local nature trail and collect some rocks! 

If you don’t have time to do that, yep, you can actually order smooth river rocks on the internet. Isn’t the 21st century amazing?!

Have children decorate them with Valentine’s day themes and special messages and then leave them all over school or their neighborhoods for others. 

This is a great way to illustrate spreading love and positivity to others.

The kids can leave them around like my nieces do. Or, they can take them home as a keepsake. OR, use them like an Easter egg hunt, but as a super unique kid’s Valentine’s party idea!

(3) Decorating Traditional Heart Doilies is always a fun craft, and as an added bonus, they remind most of us 30-somethings of our own Valentine’s parties. This pre-packaged set comes with over 100 doilies, 24 foam hearts, and 2 bags of stickers! Score.

Valentine Party Food Ideas

Alright, so we’ve arrived at the central part of any good Kids Valentine Party: food. 

Hands holding up a heart-shaped piece of sugar cookie dough with flour in the background
Baking can be such a fun activity, and who doesn’t love heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies?

In this section, we’ll give you some ideas for healthy snacks, traditional Valentine snacks, and allergy-friendly snacks!

Healthy Valentine Snacks

(1) Fruit cups with free printable labels

We love this super easy idea! Buy some plastic cups with lids, fill them with fruit, and then use labels like “bananas for you” or “you’re really grape!”

(2) These frozen strawberry and yogurt treats look so yummy we want to eat them now! Just be sure you’re preparing them for older children, as frozen treats can present a choking risk for younger kids.

(3) These heart-shaped sandwich and cookie cutters can be used to make your favorite little ones healthy, heart-shaped sandwiches, or you could even use the cookie cutter to make a low sugar/healthy heart-shaped Valentine’s cookie! We love this round-up of healthy cookie recipes.

Traditional (Sugar-filled) Valentine Snacks

Check out these adorable Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treat cupcakes!

Let your kids get in on the fun and help you make them the night before for some quality family bonding time. (Or do it yourself like the true control freak you are–no one here is judging you!).

Got some extra time on your hands? These Valentine’s Conversation Heart sugar cookies are soooo cute! 

Mix and Match these ideas: for instance, you could easily use the cookie cutters from the Healthy Valentine snacks list to simply cut rice krispie treats or sugar cookies into a heart shape. 

Remember that it’s not about going all out: it’s simply about making a treat the kids will enjoy.

Allergy-friendly Valentine Snacks

(1) These fruit yoyo snacks are pre-packaged, but don’t get the wrong idea! They are also non-GMO, gluten free,vegan, and sugar free.

Aside from being super healthy and allergy friendly, these fruit snacks are packaged in a really cute, Valentine-colored package. We love it.

(1) Make some gluten-free red velvet cupcakes! Kids love cupcakes, and with this recipe, you can be sure that children with Celiac’s can be included in the fun.

Also, the author has made lots of notes about other allergen replacements, as well, like milk and eggs. 

(3) We’ve already mentioned sugar cookies, but did you know they can also be gluten free, nut free, and vegan??

This recipe is actually for Christmas-themed cookies, but use the recipe and the above-mentioned heart-shaped cookie cutters, and you’ll be good to go! And the entire recipe is written to be allergy-friendly beyond gluten. 

Young boy holds up a heart-shaped piece of construction paper that reads "Happy Valentine's Day"
We hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your kids!

What are your favorite go-to Kids Valentine Party Ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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