21 Fun and Easy Kids Valentine Party Ideas

Valentine’s day is upon us, and for those of us who procrastinate (or who are just really busy), it’s JUST ABOUT TIME TO PANIC. But, fret ye not, mamas of elementary and preschool aged kids! We have you covered. We’re talking EASY kids Valentine party ideas. We’ve got tons of kids Valentine games (for preschoolers […]

Grief, Makeup, and Eyebrows: How I Found a Connection to my Mother in Quarantine

We talk a lot on this website about active mothering: about mothering our living children, as well as our precious babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. But what about us mamas who lose our own mothers? As our mothers get older and begin to suffer from old age–or from the demons that have […]

Halloween Safety Tips from an Infectious Disease Expert + Mom

If you’re longing to give the kids in your life a “normal” Halloween but are totally confused about how to enjoy the holiday safely, you are not alone! Halloween safety is on every family’s mind this October as we navigate a COVID Halloween with serious confusion–and perhaps more than a little trepidation. It’s my job […]

Five Tips for Getting Through Grief During the Holidays

Grieving during the holidays is an especially gut-wrenching experience. It often leaves us feeling lonely in ways we never imagined, wondering how the rest of the world can celebrate while ours feels shattered. Whether you’re grieving the death of a loved one, work struggles, health crises, or anything else, parts of the holidays can be […]

Please Stop Asking When I’m Going to Have a Baby

“When are you going to have a baby?” It’s a question I heard for years when I hadn’t yet told anyone I was struggling with infertility and recurrent miscarriage before having our son. Now, I get the next version of it: “When are you going to have another baby?” Seriously?! Does it really never stop? […]

Why Being an Aunt Might be the Most Important Job I’ll Ever Have

If you know me on this site, you know me as the childfree editor of Undefining Motherhood. That sounds like an oxymoron, but stay with me. I may experience what I call “fertility apathy,” but I’m also a diehard champion of moms and kids everywhere. Just because I’m not a mom in the traditional sense […]

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Baby Monitor for Your Family

Traveling with a baby can be super stressful, but knowing you have the right equipment can decrease the bulk and lessen the stress. Do you really need to carry a travel crib, car seat, stroller, monitor, sound machine, diapers, and all that jazz? Let’s face it–babies require a TON of stuff. While we love using […]

Are You Struggling Right Now? I See You!

I did something the other night – I sat in a circle of my friends for the first time in months. I was elated; I was emotional—I was terrified. What if I had the virus and didn’t know it?  What if they did?  What if we were all sitting in our strategically placed social-distancing circle, […]

13 Ways to Overcome Problems with Husband Working from Home

So many of us are #safeathome right now, which is why tons of you are reaching out to me saying things like, “My husband is driving me crazy.” I get it. This is one of the many problems with Husband working from home (or partner of any type!). Work from home challenges are real enough […]