How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint + Fun Ways to Use It

kids hands laid out on sidewalk next to a pink heart-shaped chalk outline

Do you remember the nostalgic days of childhood, hanging out in your driveway–or maybe even on a traffic-free road–painting with sidewalk chalk? I used my driveway to make signs for my Kool-Aid stands (ah, the 90s) and play with my friends. 

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After a summer of trying to entertain my little one by  doing ALL the preschool activities at home I could think of, it’s time to up the ante to keep him entertained. What was once sidewalk chalk is now a multi-part activity–making our own DIY sidewalk chalk paint recipe, then painting with it once it dries!  

Our contributor, Julia, has a great recipe, so she’s telling us everything we need to know about how to make and use chalk paint

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How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Research suggests that art can help children regulate their emotions and that it can promote social skills.

And what’s a more fun activity than letting them make homemade sidewalk chalk paint and use it to express themselves?

This recipe works great–kids will love making and using it, and it mostly requires things you already have around your house, like:

  • Corn starch
  • Water
  • Muffin tins
  • Drops of food coloring
  • Paint brushes

The most important part for getting started with this super easy recipe is making sure you have equal parts cornstarch and water.

This recipe is free of baking soda, though there are tons of recipes out there that include it.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

Check out these graphics for this super simply recipe for sidewalk paint!

Think of spending time making chalk paint with your child and then turning them loose to create great works of art on your driveway as a form of schooling from home, or just a way to have tons of fun while learning. Let them experiment with colors, shapes, and letters.

Follow the awesome graphic below to make your very own chalk paint, but be sure to keep reading for information on:

  • Stencil downloads to use with your chalk paint
  • Tips and tricks to know before you start painting
  • Fun ways to use your chalk paint!

Stencil Packs

Kids and adults alike can make super cool drawings using stencil packs, and children will feel a real sense of accomplishment by creating something beautiful out of a simple kids activity.

Download these fun stencil packs to get ready for some fun!

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind Before You Start Painting

Whenever you start a craft with kids, it almost always winds up getting out of hand. Here are some tips I’ve learned from making and using this chalk paint recipe that will help you keep things under control!

  1. This recipe doesn’t store very well. It’s best to make it the same day that you plan to use it.
  2. You can change the consistency of your paint. If it seems runny, add more cornstarch. If it seems too thick, add more water!
  3. It can take a while to dry, especially indoors. Let it sit for a couple hours after you finish. Or put it out in the sun so it can dry faster.
  4. This chalk paint may go onto the surface looking a bit clear, but don’t worry! The color will show through once it dries.
  5. Apply a thin layer of paint to the surface you’re working on. If the paint goes on too thick, it won’t last as long as it may peel from the surface.

Ways to Use Your Chalk Paint Recipe

The whole family can use chalk paint to create art they love and want to share with others. Grab your partner and the kids and decide what medium you want to paint, and voila, you have an afternoon of fun!

Here are several ways that you can use your chalk paint recipe with your family:

On a sidewalk or driveway:

  • Make games to play, such as four square or hopscotch
  • Create animals, people, and places (use our shape stencils!)
  • Paint constellation art (we have star stencils!)
  • Showcase support for a movement or cause
  • Practice spelling or counting (use our letters & number stencils!)
  • Wish someone in your neighborhood a happy day
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On a chalkboard sign:

  • Display a funny joke to keep everyone smiling
  • Post your dinner menu
  • Write a motivational or inspirational message (use our leaf or ampersand stencils!)
  • Highlight an important date or start a countdown (use our number stencils!)
  • Paint a picture

Find a chalk paint recipe and more fun ways to use chalk paint in the guide below from Apartment Guide!

What fun projects did you and your family take on with this Chalk Paint Recipe?

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